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It Has Been a Brutal Week…

You know, this has been a brutal week. This regime has done it’s utter best to divide our country, not only between the Left & the Right but between Christians & non-Christians, between everyone with any differences at all. Through … Continue reading

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Quick! Hillary or a RINO. What do you do??

The real question is, what if Christie, Jeb or Rubio get the nomination? What will you do then? It would be hard to stomach voting for a RINO, but the alternative is not voting, which is a vote for Hillary. Continue reading

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Sister Patriot is now on Soundcloud!

  The title says it all!  Have a listen: https://soundcloud.com/sisterpatriot/soundcloud-cpac-thank-you ~~SisterPatriot

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Obamacare vs. Mom

My Mother accidentally bumped into a side table today and had a heavy glass vase fall off and break. She got a very nasty cut just above her right kneecap. She was at my sister’s house at the time, so … Continue reading

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