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While I am glad that some of our Reps voted for someone other than Boehner today, WHY was it such a mess?  One person voted for one guy, someone else voted for another.  Only three people voted for Louie Gohmert … Continue reading

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I Do Not Care What Color My President Is…

For the last time, I do not care WHAT color my President is!! I can “handle” whatever his color, weight, height or shoe size. I don’t care if he’s incontinent, has halitosis or stutters. I don’t care if he’s a super athlete … Continue reading

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Hey Libs! Are you awake yet???

So the Supreme Court has agreed with the O regime.  The State of Arizona CANNOT require proof of citizenship from someone  to register to vote!!!?????   Gee, that’s just a little too obvious, isn’t it??  I wonder who they’re going to … Continue reading

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AssHat Award of the Day Goes To…

Today the House Ways and Means Committee held its fifth Congressional Hearing on the targeting of Conservative groups in the United States by the Internal Revenue Service.  We heard from representatives of Conservative groups who were subjected to huge delays and invasive questions on … Continue reading

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