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Hey! We’re Supposed To Fight The Opposition!

Today is April 1st! 2016 is rolling along at a good clip. 7 more months until the ‪#‎Presidential‬ ‪#‎Election‬. As I often think in analogies, today I am reminded of a football game. Perhaps it’s a Superbowl. Big deal, right? … Continue reading

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But, I don’t want to #FeelTheBern

It’s kind of amazing to me that the “Weekend at Bernie” (thanks Cynthia) supporters are using the hashtag, #FeelTheBern.  I mean… if they’re trying to support their guy (which is totally asinine to begin with), couldn’t they come up with … Continue reading

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We will NOT survive another Democrat in the White House

 We’re only into January and the things I am reading on social media from our side is frustrating at best. Realistically we’re probably looking at two… Cruz & Trump.  Maybe Rubio as well. Everyone else will drop out. The venom that … Continue reading

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Quick! Hillary or a RINO. What do you do??

The real question is, what if Christie, Jeb or Rubio get the nomination? What will you do then? It would be hard to stomach voting for a RINO, but the alternative is not voting, which is a vote for Hillary. Continue reading

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Just A Reminder: You Work For The American People!

Given Janet Napolitano’s irritated evasive non-answer to Rep. Jeff Duncan’s question yesterday on the Saudi “person of interest”. She said the question wasn’t worthy of an answer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=p3l8xOAlcFA Then John Kerry’s comment to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher  yesterday regarding Benghazi. He said … Continue reading

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