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Are You Living Inside a Protective Bubble?

Just an observation: So many people who claim to be Conservative/Republican & yes, even Christian… are so disengaged as to what is going on in this country. They seem to live in a little bubble & as long as nothing … Continue reading

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What Is Faith?

At bedtime last night, my littlest patriot asked, “Mommy, what is Faith?” Hmmm… how to explain it? I had to think for a minute. “Have you ever seen Jesus in person?” I asked “No.” “But do you believe that He … Continue reading

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I Do Not Care What Color My President Is…

For the last time, I do not care WHAT color my President is!! I can “handle” whatever his color, weight, height or shoe size. I don’t care if he’s incontinent, has halitosis or stutters. I don’t care if he’s a super athlete … Continue reading

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No, Christianity is not a “hate group”…

Well, after my last blog update, “Chick-fil-A and the Hypocrisy of the Left”, I received some pretty angry messages from people who I’d “offended”.  They all had basically the same message which was that “Chick-fil-A  is not only anti-gay, their … Continue reading

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