When God’s Rainbow is Hijacked

Facebook emojis

June has apparently been deemed “gay pride month”.  I recently noticed rainbow flag emojis appearing on Facebook and then I read an article telling how FB had added it to the emoji line-up for “gay pride”.  The article went on to say that if you wanted the emoji, you needed to go to the official LGBTQ FB page & “like” it.  After that, the rainbow flag would appear in your emoji line-up.  I wrote about this on my Sister Patriot FB page, talking about what FB was doing & how sad it is that God’s rainbow has been hijacked.  Needless to say, I did not have a “gay flag” emoji, nor did I want one, nor did I visit the LGBTQ page, etc…   So imagine my surprise yesterday when noticing I suddenly had one.  It prompted me to write the following on the SP Facebook page:


Dear FB:
Thank you for including God’s rainbow in my emoji line-up. Every time I see it, I remember God’s symbol, signifying his promise to us that a flood will never destroy the earth again. You see, the rainbow belongs to God. He created it and He uses it as a covenant between Himself & His children. It will never be anything else. I appreciate the daily reminder of God’s love. Can we have a for the emoji line-up next? ~~Sister Patriot

13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. 14 Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, 15 I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. ~Genesis 9:13-15


The post went nuts, being shared & commented on quite a bit.  I have received lots of support, but also negativity (not surprising).  Everything from people saying to “give it a rest” to “it’s time to accept diversity” to outright attacks on my belief in God.  This was my response post earlier today:

I guess homosexuality is a hot topic. Whenever I write anything or post a meme about it on my page, everyone comes out of the woodwork. Even some professing to be fellow Christians, admonish me for being “petty, hateful & judgmental”.

Let me say first of all that I do not hate anyone. I know some lovely gay people & have met others throughout my life. They’ve been kind & polite with me. Not every gay person is in the “gay mafia”. I do not condone slurs made against anyone. It’s ignorant, mean and certainly not something Jesus would do. I would help my fellow man no matter what his race, religion or sexual preference. Those things shouldn’t even enter into being a decent human being. We are all God’s children.


The truth is the truth. God’s Word is the truth. We are supposed to speak boldly. It doesn’t mean that we’re hateful, but sounding the warning bell. If you saw a car speeding down a road & you knew the road ended abruptly at a canyon, would you feel compelled to warn the oblivious driver? Would God want you to? The driver might laugh at you & call you names for interfering in their driving, but isn’t it your duty to warn them? It is after all, their life you are trying to save. Isn’t it the same thing with people who mock the word of God?

I had a Christian person tell me that it’s time we all just accept “diversity” and not talk about it. We should focus on other things instead. So, back to that car careening toward the cliff, should you ignore what is imminent & focus on the paint color or the brand of tires on that car? Will it really matter after that car goes over the edge & the person has lost their life?

My post about the FB rainbow emoji has been deemed hateful, judgmental & petty by many. The way I see it, hijacking God’s creation (the rainbow) and using it as a symbol of “homosexual pride” (an abomination to God) is a slap in the face to Him! That’s not petty in my book.

Further, it illustrates the state of the world when this same mocking of God is absolutely everywhere. June is “gay pride month”. Companies are using it in their advertising, it’s all over the news & social media. When the world tells you to celebrate something that God tells us is an abomination to Him, I think you need to question it.

I take my page very seriously and I think carefully about what I post. I ask God to help me use this page to bring more people to Him. I many times doubt myself, thinking I am surely not good enough to try and tell others about Him. But we are supposed to tell the world. Pointing out the atrocities, upside-down thinking & sin in this world, shows that Jesus is coming back soon.

Satan is the Great Deceiver. The father of all lies. He is ramping it up because his time is short. The car is flying down that road & the cliff is gleaming in the sun, waiting. Will you warn the driver?? ~~ Sister Patriot

#IWillStandWithGodEveryTime #GodsRainbow


I stand by what I wrote.  Love the sinner, hate the sin.  And that is what I think about that.  ~~Sister Patriot

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Middle of the Night Musings…


It’s 3 a.m. and here I sit again.  Insomnia.  I never used to have insomnia.  In fact, I love to sleep.  I love to nap, though napping is tricky when you’re a Mom.  The last couple of years have been my first experience with trouble sleeping at night.

It’s partly because I’m a night-owl.  I love it when the house is asleep and everything is still.  No chance of the phone ringing or people coming to the door.  Just silence.  I love just listening to the peaceful silence.

But with the silence comes my thoughts.  I start thinking.  About. Everything.  I have a list.  The things I worry about.  The things I am so grateful for.  I usually take this quiet time to pray.  I often think that God must cringe when I say my prayers because I do go on.  I know that’s ridiculous.  He is perfect and merciful.  He loves me and all my detail-oriented babble.  And so I pray.  I go through my list.   The things that I’m afraid of, the things that I pray won’t happen, the problems that are too big for me to handle on my own.  I pray for our President, Vice President and their families.  That God will keep them safe and give them wisdom.  That He will bring them ever closer to Him throughout their time in the White House.  I pray for the safety and health of my children and my husband.  I pray for my Mother and loved ones in our lives.  I pray about the pain I feel from those who have turned their backs on me over the years.  I pray for the things I don’t understand.  I pray about whatever is on my heart and I am always so grateful that I have my Heavenly Father to turn to whenever I need Him.  The older I get the more I realize how impossible this life would be to get through without Him.

I always remember to thank Him for my blessings.  My wonderful husband and our beautiful children.  He knows just what we need in our lives.  When painful things happen, he fills the void with peace and grace.  It’s really quite amazing and in these quiet nights, when it seems I am the only one awake in the world, I think of these things.

If you’re still with me, you might be asking, “Sister, why are you rambling about all of this stuff?”  Well, because that’s kind of who I am.  I feel things deeply.  I talk too much.  I overthink everything.  I cry at the drop of a hat and I laugh my butt off.  Those I love, I love fiercely.  I’m loyal and sometimes too truthful.  I’m just me.  The reason I’m telling you all of this (if you’re still reading) is simply because I want you to know you are not alone.  We all have fears, hurts and worries.  We all have things that we don’t want other people to know about.  Maybe it’s something from your past that you are ashamed of, or an illness or disability you hide from the world.  Everyone has something.  Everyone feels pain and sadness over a lifetime of experiences.  Everyone feels joy and gratitude.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we’re all human.  Children of God.  We’re all sinners, saved by Grace through Jesus Christ.  Life isn’t always easy.  So when you are feeling lost in your thoughts, or up in the night worrying about problems you think are unsolvable… just remember that God is right there with you.  Talk to Him and share your heart.  He loves us so much. He knows us better than we know ourselves and He has a plan for each and every one of us.  Just reach out to Him.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

~~Jeremiah 29:11

And with that I shall bid you a good-night.  ~~ Sister Patriot


You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  She is guest blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray. You can watch her videos on the Sister Patriot YouTube channel. And for goodness sake, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog!


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Sister Patriot gets Reprimanded by a Progressive Libturd


Isn’t the first time & won’t be the last.

G.H. writes:  

“I just read one of your posts, and I believe you are one of the types of fearmongers the people of the US have to fear. You incite hate, fear, and divisiveness in our country. Your ignorance of blame toward a Democrat or Republican is repugnant, and has no place in our country. Individuals, such as you, will be more destructive to our country, than any terrorist. When one of the heinous acts of terrorism occurs, the people of that country band together, unite, and show the terrorists that they will not win. But , you, with your malicious diatribe deflect the true blame away from the heinous terrorist to the innocent people in our country. You are the worst type of “patriot”. You are the malicious, insidious denigration of our country with the attempt to divide our nation. You are a pathetic example of a human being, and definitely are not a “patriot” of our country.”


Dear G.H. –

Thank you for the public dressing down.  I really needed to hear everything you had to say.  I didn’t realize what a horrible person I was until I read your post.  I will promptly contact all those who know & love me and warn them of their gross error in judgment.
Not really.
From the looks of your profile, you honestly seem like a fairly decent, hard-working person who loves her family.  I can relate to that.  What I cannot relate to is being so heavily indoctrinated that you can’t scratch yourself without looking to Hillary, CNN, MSNBC or the Huff & Puff Po for instruction.  I find that very sad. 
You feel that I am the most dangerous type of person because I choose to think for myself, do my own research, ask questions, admit when I’m wrong & speak up for what I know to be right.
You say I am worse than a terrorist.  In your indoctrinated mind, you actually think that a busy stay-at-home Mom, devoted wife, lover of my country & follower of Jesus Christ is more evil than the deranged monsters who fly planes into buildings, blow themselves up in crowded areas, rape men, women & children, set people on fire, douse women with acid & don’t forget their favorite: decapitation.
Remember the Christian couple in Oregon who lost their bakery & were financially destroyed because they politely declined to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple?   What about the florist or the wedding venue owners?  All ruined for the same reason.   I assume you feel they are all “dangerous” too?
You used a lot of strong language to tell me  just how awful you think I am.  Malicious. Repugnant. Divisive. A fear-monger & hate spreader.  At the same time, your profile shows that you are a supporter of Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, “The Resistance” & just about every radical Leftist organization there is.   In my book that makes *you* a dangerous person.  To those you pledge your allegiance to, it makes you their useful idiot.   You see, the elite Left count on their bleating sheep to help push their agenda.  You fall into the “bleating sheep” category.
For example:  You say that when terrorists strike with heinous acts of destruction, the people of that country band together to let the terrorists know “they won’t win.”  But what you don’t see is that the terrorists have in fact been winning & they’re winning because of the politically correct, ignorant policies of the “Progressive” flotsam you align yourself with.  You support the people who insist that we bring more and more of these so-called “refugees” (mostly young men in their 20’s) into our countries and if anyone dare object, they’re quickly labeled an “islamophobe”, “xenophobe” or “racist”.
You align yourself with the party who started slavery and the KKK, yet you love to call the Right “racist”.  That’s just all kinds of embarrassing when you boldly proclaim you are historically ignorant & devoid of facts.
You yell about women’s rights, gay rights & transgender rights while also defending Islam and inviting it into our country, instantly attacking anyone like me who points out that Islam wishes to destroy us and conquer the world (look it up).  Yet, you fail to recognize, accept or register the fact that the same group absolutely have zero respect for women and throw homosexuals off the tops of tall buildings.  But you make excuses for this too.  Because your party tells you to.
As for divisiveness, there is none more divisive than the Democrat party.  All of those Leftist groups that you follow (or perhaps are a member of?) divide and hate.  They disrespect our police, our armed services, Christians, Jews.  They hate all Right-leaning political opinions and anyone with Conservative values.  These same groups you love are funded by the elite Left I was speaking about earlier.  George Soros. Look it up.
What I write about isn’t hate-filled or fear-mongering.  It’s just the truth.  Sometimes the truth is hard to face & it’s easier to hop on your magical unicorn and prance over a rainbow into lala-land.
The reason I write what I do is because I love my country.  I believe in what is right.  I believe that keeping silent is consenting to the evil in this world.  I believe that by speaking the truth and sharing truthful news articles, I can push back against those who are lying to us.  ALL of us.  Including you.
Do I care what you think of me?  Nope.   Why did I take the time to respond?  Because there are people like you everywhere.  Misguided, indoctrinated, lied to & confused.  If one fence-sitter reads this and sees the light, then my time here has been worth it.  Perhaps you will look into the history of the Democrat party or George Soros.  I sincerely hope you do.  ~~Sister Patriot
You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook and Twitter.  She is guest blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.  You can watch her videos on the Sister Patriot YouTube channel and you can subscribe to this blog to have updates sent directly to you via email.
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Blinded by Deception, Paralyzed by Political Correctness


Have you noticed that there are people who understand that the world is growing rapidly worse, stay engaged with what is happening and get it. But there are also people who are completely oblivious? Not a new subject, yet one that always fascinates me.

Today was haircut day. As I was sitting in the salon, with my boys, I couldn’t believe the conversation I was hearing from one loud hairdresser, as she talked with her client. She and her client had absolutely no clue about the state of the world. She went over her travel plans to Europe, how she may send her young kids to Europe for a while to learn another language, how they just got back from Cabo & are remodeling their house.

Meanwhile the client went over her upcoming trip to Paris & how she is planning a trip to Germany. Hello?? And BTW, the client was an attorney. They were both well spoken & fairly intelligent (except for taking the Lord’s name in vain every 5 minutes).  Look, I’m not saying that we should lock ourselves in a box & not live our lives because of the state of the world, but it always strikes me as astonishing when I hear people acting like everything is great when it clearly is not! While we can’t hide from everything, we should use our discernment & common sense.

I’ve always loved to travel. I knew that when I had children, I’d take them all over the place too, but life didn’t turn out that way. The dangers in this world make me really think very carefully about where I take my children. Their safety is #1 to me and Mr. Patriot.

Remember ‘Gone With the Wind’ when things were a disaster, money was scarce & Scarlett had the drapes made into a gown for Rhett’s upcoming visit? It’s kind of like that. Pretending that everything is normal & perfect, when it isn’t.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist or a negative Nellie. I’m not a big downer or afraid of my own shadow. I’m not even a pessimist. On the contrary. I’m a realist. Reality is in front of us. The truth is the truth. This world is in very bad shape. There is plenty of information out there to read. Watch what is unfolding every day in this world. Listen to the way people speak today & reflect on how much things have changed from just 10 years ago. It’s all right there in front of our noses, yet so many just do not see it. Are they making the best of things like Scarlett did? Are they just stupid? Or are they blinded by deception and paralyzed by political correctness? I know which side I’m on & I’m grateful every day that I can see the truth.  ~~Sister Patriot

You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  She is guest blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.  You can watch her videos on the Sister Patriot YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog!  Get blog updates via email. 

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Manchester Terror Attack and Some Tough Words for the Left


Mr. Patriot and I just recently took our little Patriots to a venue similar to the Manchester arena, to a kid’s event.  Our boys were so excited, thrilled to see one of their heroes on stage, hearts full of joy as memories were being made.  I cannot begin to fathom having those special moments ravaged by the evil of terrorism.  All acts of terror are unthinkable and evil… preying on children and young people is especially devastating.

My heart goes out to the innocent lives that were taken, those that were injured & the parents and families left behind to live out their lives carrying this brutal reality on their shoulders & in their broken hearts.  They are all in my prayers.

There is NO question that these Islamic terror attacks are directly from the bowels of hell & Satan himself, and I don’t care how politically incorrect or “insensitive” that sounds. If you have a problem with my statement, you can cram it.

As people are devastated, in shock & mourning one more tragedy from evil, as people are posting their condolences & memes of support on social media, I want to get real for a moment.

To Ariana Grande who is a fierce liberal, hates our President, has said she hates America & is pro-migrants flooding our country.  To the hoards of Hollywood celebrities who are tweeting out their “prayers” for Manchester, England.  To the idiots of the mainstream media who push their faux-Russia involvement narrative & instead of reporting the actual NEWS, bash our President & America on a daily basis.  For all of the bleeding hearts who call Conservatives “racists” for wanting protected borders & who want islam cut off at the knees…. For those in Congress (Maxine Waters, I’m looking at you) who instead of doing the JOBS they were elected to do, they are using our tax dollars and their platforms to rail on about “impeachment”.  Whoever else I’ve missed & everyone in between….  JUST STOP IT!!!  PLEASE open your eyes and activate that brain you were given.  Stand behind our President and HELP him.  He is trying to make our country safe again.  Why oh why can’t you get that through your thick skulls??

Look at Europe.  It is over and done with.  Their liberal policies of letting in “refugees” in droves have all but destroyed their beautiful countries.  Migrants who sponge off of the government & rebel when they don’t get their wifi or the food isn’t to their liking.  Women being gang raped by these animals.  Beatings, murders, decapitations & their favorite… terror attacks.

After all that has happened in France due to terror.  Paris, Nice, the Catholic church where the Priest was beheaded.  No-go zones.  Migrants bowing & praying in the streets several times a day, blocking traffic.  Don’t believe me?  Look it up.  France had a chance during their last election.  Marine Le Pen was referred to as the “female Trump”.  She wanted to make France great & safe again.  So many people were behind her & the true French Patriots wanted desperately for her to win & give them their country back from the insanity…  Alas, Emmanuel Macron prevailed.  The Socialist who will destroy what is left of France.

We’ve watched what has happened with Germany and the liberal Angela Merkel as Chancellor.  Beautiful Germany that my own Dad helped liberate from the Nazis in WWII is just being utterly destroyed by the influx of migrants, while the wishes of the good German people go ignored.

England has allowed the same and the beautiful United Kingdom, which I hold close to my heart, is being ravaged by the same horrible policies of the Left.

America, our country.  The greatest country on earth, has been teetering on the edge of the same fate after enduring horrific policies over the last 8 years and mistakes made prior to that even.  President Trump was our last chance.  But unlike France, our candidate WON.  I believe God heard our cries for mercy and He put Trump here for such a time as this.

If you cannot survey the world and see what is taking place, you are an idiot, blinded by deception.

So to all of those Liberals, Socialists, Snowflakes, Cupcakes & Nincompoops tweeting out your “prayers” for Manchester, I suggest you pull your heads out & wake the hell up.  What happened in Manchester is already here on our shores.  Things can get a lot worse than they already are.  SUPPORT YOUR PRESIDENT!

Whether you love him or hate him, whether you have confidence in his abilities or not, give the man a chance.  I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.  Turn off your television.  Stop listening to the Hollywood elite who speak their nonsense from behind locked gates, with the protection of armed guards.  Stop listening to the morons of the MSM and the Leftist rags that pretend to be attempts at authentic print journalism.  Start taking matters into your own hands.  Use the brain God gave you.  Read.  Research.  Ask questions.  Pray for discernment.  Be an American.  Throw your shoulders back, stick your chest out, salute our flag and stand behind our Commander in Chief.  Do not aid the Left in taking down our beloved country too!

And that’s what I have to say about that.   ~~ Sister Patriot


You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  She is guest blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.  You can also watch her videos on the Sister Patriot YouTube Channel. Sign up for this blog & every update will arrive in your inbox!

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Interview with the wife of a WWII US Army Veteran

As many of you know, my late Dad was a WWII US Army SGT who served in the European Theatre.  Today I’ve interviewed my Mom, who knows so many details of the stories from my Dad’s service to our country.  ~~Sister Patriot

You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  She is guest blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.  You can now watch her videos on the Sister Patriot YouTube channel.

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Our Fallen World…


We are living in a time where being as deranged as possible is embraced while having morals & values is scoffed at.

We are living in a time where being alarmed by a 6ft, 250 lb man in a dress going into the ladies restroom your 10 year old daughter just entered is called “intolerant”.

We’re living in a time where a Muslim Middle Easterner can fly into a rage upon seeing someone wearing a cross pendant, or a woman wearing a “Proud Air Force Mom” shirt & we’re somehow supposed to allow that behavior or else we are labeled “islamophobic”.

We’re living in a time where (in some states) showing your alliance with our President Trump might put you in a dangerous situation.

We’re living in a time where letting a potential new employer or landlord know you are a Christian Conservative, might affect you getting that job or home for your family.

We’re living in a time where many churches aren’t telling their congregations the truth. Some are “re-writing” the Bible to suit today’s world. Some are making exceptions for homosexual marriages & even performing them.

We’re living in a world where everything bad is called “good” & everything good is called “bad”. Just like the Bible tells us it will.

We’re living at a time where it’s becoming more challenging to stand up for what you believe. No longer are we just the irritating family member at the Thanksgiving table who votes Republican… or the person at work who takes God “a little too seriously”. That’s how it has been, but we were tolerated. Things are now on a whole new level.

We’re living in a world now where I can clearly see how our beliefs will lead to silencing, penalty & eventually persecution. Think I’m being overly dramatic? Read the Bible. I see it more each day.

Do we still need to speak up for what is RIGHT? Absolutely! Speak up for GOD. Speak up for our country. But, times are changing rapidly. We need God’s protection more than ever.  ~~Sister Patriot


You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  You can watch her videos on the Sister Patriot YouTube channel.  She is guest blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.  And don’t forget to subscribe to this blog!  It’s free!  🙂

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Should we fear wearing a cross in public?


Last weekend Mr. Patriot & I took the little Patriots to an event starring one of their “kid show heroes”. It was thrilling for them (especially our youngest) as they were able to meet him, have pictures taken with him & get his autograph. Our youngest kept repeating, “This is the BEST day of my WHOLE life!!” It really was a great day. A very long, great day. Standing in line for almost 2 hours just to meet the guy & then walking half a mile from the venue to a restaurant for lunch, then back to the venue again after lunch to stand in line again for half an hour…waiting for the 2 hour show. A long day, but I wouldn’t have missed one second for the world, just watching how thrilling it was for our boys. Something they’ll never forget for being able to meet one of their heroes. Something we’ll never forget for being able to make one of their dreams come true.

The little Patriots each wear a cross on a chain. I’ve commented on this once before when a few people have glared or done a double-take upon seeing this.  In those few instances these have been people we know.  Liberal non-believers who seem offended at the sight of a child professing his faith in God. At the time, I noted the reaction & thought to myself how sad it was that someone would recoil at the sight of a cross.  I also thought surely by publicly professing their faith, my children were being a witness.  “A child shall lead them.”  It was never a situation where I feared for my children’s safety.  

When we came out of the venue after the picture & autograph session, we were headed toward a restaurant for lunch. This was in a very dense metropolitan city. There were two Middle Eastern men standing on the sidewalk, speaking loudly in their native tongue. As we walked down the steps to the sidewalk, one of the men looked over at us & specifically at our boys. He zoned in on their crosses & seemed to get angry. He stopped talking to the other guy & was fixated on our boys’ crosses. His expression grew almost rage-like. Now, I didn’t notice any of this because I was focused on getting my littlest one’s hand & figuring out which direction we were to head in. Mr. P told me all of this after we got home, but he saw it & was fairly alarmed. Mr. P turned us North & we started walking. The Middle Eastern guy, still seemingly furious & having something to say to us, started heading toward us! I remember Mr. P stepping back behind the boys & I, with his arms wrapped lightly across our shoulders & he kept looking back. I looked back at him & asked him what he was doing, but it was very noisy & chaotic where we were, lots of city traffic and people… so we just kept walking. But after we got home, when he was telling me all of this, he said that he was turning back to make sure the guy wasn’t following us. He said the guy started to move in our direction with an angry scowl. Mr. P looked back at him & met eyes & gave him a hard look.. like, “Don’t even think about it.” Thank God the guy decided not to bother with us. How scary! Are we seriously at a point in this world where wearing a sign of your faith is making us targets for those who hate us? Do we stop wearing our crosses out in public? Isn’t that hiding our faith? I refuse to hide my faith. I hate it that something that means so much to my children & to us could potentially put us in danger. How evil this world has gotten! And what was this man going to do? Chastise us for allowing our children to believe in Jesus Christ?  And what if it had just been the children and I?  Without Mr. Patriot there, would this angry man have been less intimidated about charging after a woman and her kids?  What would he have done or said?  Who knows. I just praise God that HE kept us safe from a potentially ugly scene, or worse yet, harm. We really did have a wonderful family day & our kids are still on Cloud 9.  We are grateful that they missed this drama and can keep the day as a special memory.  As for Mr Patriot and myself, it was one more example of how dangerous our world has become.  ) ~~ Sister Patriot


You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  You can watch her videos on the Sister Patriot YouTube channel.  She is also guest blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.



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An Open Letter to Sheila Jackson Lee from a ticked-off Conservative Mom

Dear Sheila Jackson Lee:

My family and I are survivors of Obamacare.  That colossal disaster that you & your ilk rave about, cost MY family of four our health insurance.  Do you want to hear about the time I suffered for a week in agony with a severe ear infection because I couldn’t go to the Urgent Care?  Or the time I fell and my back was in excruciating spasms, but I suffered through it because I couldn’t afford the medical care out of pocket?  Would you listen if I told you the laundry list of issues we have & how we’ve had to ignore them while we patiently await the repeal & replacement of Obamacare?  You know… the plan that causes middle-class families like mine to go without so that we can have the honor of paying for “free healthcare” for the undocumented Democrats & bums in the US?

Mr. & Mrs. America.  Too poor to pay for our healthcare out of pocket, yet too rich to qualify for any help.  We are the Americans who fell into the crevasse of despair that Liberal Progressives are so stellar at creating.

You stand up there and screech about pre-existing conditions.  What does it matter when your monthly premium is $2100 and your yearly deductible is $12,000?  Not a damned thing!

If OVomitCare was SO great, why weren’t YOU the 1st to stand up & relinquish the Cadillac plan you have with Congress & sign up for it then?  I’ll tell you why.  Because it sucks & you know it.

May God have MERCY on the souls of those who voted that nightmare into law. Praise GOD that for the time being things are out of the hands of your disgraceful party so that we hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding, PATRIOTIC Americans can work to get our lives back in order again after 8 years of HELL.

You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  She is guest blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.  You can also find her on the Sister Patriot channel on YouTube.
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For the last few weeks I’ve been having the worst time trying to operate my Sister Patriot FB page.  Facebook has now decided to school the general public on “fake news”.  Of course, the Left feels that anything coming from the Right is “fake news”.  YouTube has been cracking down, de-monetizing videos over anything “controversial” (again, anything we on the Right believe, is “controversial” to the Left.)  Why is this happening?  I have a theory.  Watch my latest Sister Patriot channel video to get my take on it.  ~~Sister Patriot

You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  She is also guest blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray and you can now watch the Sister Patriot YouTube channel.

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