Sister Patriot is a Conservative stay-at-home wife & Mommy who is very concerned about the gross deterioration of our beloved country and the terrible effect it has had on so many people. It is time to speak out. Everyone can do their part, no matter how small.  Lots of little voices together can make a big noise.  It is time to take our country back and try to repair the great damage that has been done!  For our children, for our future.

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  1. Roxanne McDonald says:

    What do you think of the mess down south ?
    Ya know, it is GRAND to encounter a Sister Patriot like yourself! Can we keep in touch?

    Roxanne McDonald
    Cheyenne Wyoming

  2. Roxanne McDonald says:

    I am so afraid, Sister Patriot, so afraid for my America! This is NOT what my WWII / Korea veteran Dad risked his life for and certainly NOT what I willingly wore an Air Force uniform 21 years for!

    • I am afraid too, but that is where our Faith in God comes in. No matter how afraid we get, we must remember that HE has got this. We know HE wins in the end. ~~SP

  3. Roxanne McDonald says:

    I sent this email on 2 July 14 to the Mayor of Murrietta CA where they have been successful – so far – in turning back busloads of illegals:

    Mayor Long,

    God Bless Murrietta!

    America has enough problems of her own, including an out -of-control President. Personally I think this started as payback against AZ/ Jan Brewer/ Sherriff Arpaio that is now being spread to other parts of the country. Our RINO Governor Matt Mead mentioned something back in Jan about refugee centers in Wyoming for refugees from the Congo, but now I wonder. I hear that all this garbage started back in Oct.

    If LA, NYC, Detroit, Chicago, etc. want to take them, FINE! That’s on them.

    But Washington should never send them anywhere without the express permission of the PEOPLE and Local Government. We The People have GOT to start fighting back or America is doomed!

    BTW, is it true that Nancy Pelosi isn’t volunteering to take any in HER district??

    In conclusion I would like to send along some inspirational music from You Tube:

    1) “I Wont Back Down” from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers:

    2) “We’re Not Gonna Take It” from Twisted Sister:

    God Bless and protect you!

    Roxanne McDonald (USAF Ret)
    Cheyenne WY

    • Great letter!! I agree with you 100% !! ~~SP
      p.s. Nancy P claimed she’d “love to take them all home” referring to the influx of illegals. That was about as fake as a $3 bill.

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