Silly Liberals! Truth is for Conservatives

Liberal reviews SP 7.17

I love how the Progressive flotsam show up on my page to chastise me & my readers for OUR beliefs. You couldn’t pay me to go to a Liberal page. I treasure my brain cells. Reading their nonsense just makes ones brain tissue die off at a rapid speed. Why must they come here to read, get worked up & then attack? Go away. Shoo!!

I love how they come here & tell me that I am a “conspiracy theorist”… you know, like Hillary is truthfully as pure as the driven snow & all the facts we discuss about her are not true. The SAME people who keep propping up the nonsense that is the “Russia/Trump” baloney sandwich, with a side of nuts.

I love how they come here telling me that I am full of hatred because I won’t bow down to the things this world mandates I must embrace. Things that boldly go against the Word of God. The things that these Leftists promote, as they mock our Lord & Savior.

I love how they equate my support of a wall & carefully screening people from coming into our country as “racism” when all I want is to protect my family from terrorism, crime & allow us to have a strong economy.

Yes, I have all 5 star reviews on my page, because the people who follow my page have intelligence, patriotism and common sense. This page is a place for like-minded Conservatives to discuss the current political climate. It’s not a place that tolerates misguided, indoctrinated snowflakes to gather & whine & give the rest of us headaches. Just as I would not allow you to come into my home & defecate on my dining room table, I will not allow you to come to my page & shovel your sheep dip. So POOF. Be gone.  ~~Sister Patriot


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About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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2 Responses to Silly Liberals! Truth is for Conservatives

  1. Chelene says:

    Oh the snowflakes…love it when they melt!! Congratulations Sister Patriot!!
    Your logic, truth, Christian faith, Constitutional knowledge and American loyalty have triggered the socialist ” left” ! And in typical marxo- fascist form their enslaved little minds have exploded due to ” thought” and opposing views for which their ” masters” have indoctrinated them to believe is “hate” and “racism” when in truth they have been trained to “hate” America, “conservatives” and the word of God. Does a commie even know what patriotism means? Patriotism is the acceptance of the Constitution and intent for American loyalty as set forth by the Founding Father’s…thus the right to free speech, the full right to bear arms not be restricted or banned as the left attempts to accomplish. In addition the Founders may not all been believers however they stressed that liberty could only sustain under a moral, God respecting populace…we see the left constantly fighting to remove God from the public square. Furthermore George Washington and company we’re very clear not to “entangle with foreign alliances” while stressing the fact to protect the sovereignty of America so everyone within the borders could live confidently knowing their land, life and rights were being fully protected by a limited government. The left claims to desire freedom yet push for open borders, extra (thus unequal) rights, one-sided viewpoints (their own) and the dismantling of the Constitution and laws for which they disagree. Patriotism means also accepting voting democracy by the populace of the Republic….we on the “right” side did not agree with or appreciate the communist leaning views and policies of the last administration but we did not throw violent tantrums on the streets terrorizing the rest of the nation like the whiners on the left. Finally learn the meaning of hipocrisy snowflakes…the comment above is hysterical…a display of anger, intolerance, hatred and bullying in addition to ignorance…you snowflakes are far from tolerant, peaceful, loving or patriotic. The mere fact this commentator dared to imply Sister and her readers like me are unpatriotic is not only amusing but unsettling as it begs the question what is “patriotism” to a regressive leftist?? Allegiance to Karl Marx? Saul Alinsky? George Soros? Bernie, Hillary? Since we know the confused left call the Founders racist and the Constitution unfair, their loyalty is certainly not to the Republic of the United States. Keep up the good work dear Sister PATRIOT!

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