Sister Patriot gets Reprimanded by a Progressive Libturd


Isn’t the first time & won’t be the last.

G.H. writes:  

“I just read one of your posts, and I believe you are one of the types of fearmongers the people of the US have to fear. You incite hate, fear, and divisiveness in our country. Your ignorance of blame toward a Democrat or Republican is repugnant, and has no place in our country. Individuals, such as you, will be more destructive to our country, than any terrorist. When one of the heinous acts of terrorism occurs, the people of that country band together, unite, and show the terrorists that they will not win. But , you, with your malicious diatribe deflect the true blame away from the heinous terrorist to the innocent people in our country. You are the worst type of “patriot”. You are the malicious, insidious denigration of our country with the attempt to divide our nation. You are a pathetic example of a human being, and definitely are not a “patriot” of our country.”


Dear G.H. –

Thank you for the public dressing down.  I really needed to hear everything you had to say.  I didn’t realize what a horrible person I was until I read your post.  I will promptly contact all those who know & love me and warn them of their gross error in judgment.
Not really.
From the looks of your profile, you honestly seem like a fairly decent, hard-working person who loves her family.  I can relate to that.  What I cannot relate to is being so heavily indoctrinated that you can’t scratch yourself without looking to Hillary, CNN, MSNBC or the Huff & Puff Po for instruction.  I find that very sad. 
You feel that I am the most dangerous type of person because I choose to think for myself, do my own research, ask questions, admit when I’m wrong & speak up for what I know to be right.
You say I am worse than a terrorist.  In your indoctrinated mind, you actually think that a busy stay-at-home Mom, devoted wife, lover of my country & follower of Jesus Christ is more evil than the deranged monsters who fly planes into buildings, blow themselves up in crowded areas, rape men, women & children, set people on fire, douse women with acid & don’t forget their favorite: decapitation.
Remember the Christian couple in Oregon who lost their bakery & were financially destroyed because they politely declined to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple?   What about the florist or the wedding venue owners?  All ruined for the same reason.   I assume you feel they are all “dangerous” too?
You used a lot of strong language to tell me  just how awful you think I am.  Malicious. Repugnant. Divisive. A fear-monger & hate spreader.  At the same time, your profile shows that you are a supporter of Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, “The Resistance” & just about every radical Leftist organization there is.   In my book that makes *you* a dangerous person.  To those you pledge your allegiance to, it makes you their useful idiot.   You see, the elite Left count on their bleating sheep to help push their agenda.  You fall into the “bleating sheep” category.
For example:  You say that when terrorists strike with heinous acts of destruction, the people of that country band together to let the terrorists know “they won’t win.”  But what you don’t see is that the terrorists have in fact been winning & they’re winning because of the politically correct, ignorant policies of the “Progressive” flotsam you align yourself with.  You support the people who insist that we bring more and more of these so-called “refugees” (mostly young men in their 20’s) into our countries and if anyone dare object, they’re quickly labeled an “islamophobe”, “xenophobe” or “racist”.
You align yourself with the party who started slavery and the KKK, yet you love to call the Right “racist”.  That’s just all kinds of embarrassing when you boldly proclaim you are historically ignorant & devoid of facts.
You yell about women’s rights, gay rights & transgender rights while also defending Islam and inviting it into our country, instantly attacking anyone like me who points out that Islam wishes to destroy us and conquer the world (look it up).  Yet, you fail to recognize, accept or register the fact that the same group absolutely have zero respect for women and throw homosexuals off the tops of tall buildings.  But you make excuses for this too.  Because your party tells you to.
As for divisiveness, there is none more divisive than the Democrat party.  All of those Leftist groups that you follow (or perhaps are a member of?) divide and hate.  They disrespect our police, our armed services, Christians, Jews.  They hate all Right-leaning political opinions and anyone with Conservative values.  These same groups you love are funded by the elite Left I was speaking about earlier.  George Soros. Look it up.
What I write about isn’t hate-filled or fear-mongering.  It’s just the truth.  Sometimes the truth is hard to face & it’s easier to hop on your magical unicorn and prance over a rainbow into lala-land.
The reason I write what I do is because I love my country.  I believe in what is right.  I believe that keeping silent is consenting to the evil in this world.  I believe that by speaking the truth and sharing truthful news articles, I can push back against those who are lying to us.  ALL of us.  Including you.
Do I care what you think of me?  Nope.   Why did I take the time to respond?  Because there are people like you everywhere.  Misguided, indoctrinated, lied to & confused.  If one fence-sitter reads this and sees the light, then my time here has been worth it.  Perhaps you will look into the history of the Democrat party or George Soros.  I sincerely hope you do.  ~~Sister Patriot
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About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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3 Responses to Sister Patriot gets Reprimanded by a Progressive Libturd

  1. Great response, Sister Patriot! I loved every word, and you are 100% correct. But unfortunately I am pretty sure that this person will not get past the first few words in your response. They can’t stand to read, or hear or see, the truth and refuse to acknowledge it. It is a huge shame they won’t read and learn from what you wrote – but don’t hold your breath.

    • Thank you. I know this person probably won’t read my response, but I took the time to answer this one in particular because maybe someone out there who does read it, will get something out of it. Whether it’s a “fence sitter” just learning about politics, or a Conservative who has been shut down by a liberal. I’m just hoping it might be helpful for someone. 🙂 ~~SP

  2. Stacy says:


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