Should we fear wearing a cross in public?


Last weekend Mr. Patriot & I took the little Patriots to an event starring one of their “kid show heroes”. It was thrilling for them (especially our youngest) as they were able to meet him, have pictures taken with him & get his autograph. Our youngest kept repeating, “This is the BEST day of my WHOLE life!!” It really was a great day. A very long, great day. Standing in line for almost 2 hours just to meet the guy & then walking half a mile from the venue to a restaurant for lunch, then back to the venue again after lunch to stand in line again for half an hour…waiting for the 2 hour show. A long day, but I wouldn’t have missed one second for the world, just watching how thrilling it was for our boys. Something they’ll never forget for being able to meet one of their heroes. Something we’ll never forget for being able to make one of their dreams come true.

The little Patriots each wear a cross on a chain. I’ve commented on this once before when a few people have glared or done a double-take upon seeing this.  In those few instances these have been people we know.  Liberal non-believers who seem offended at the sight of a child professing his faith in God. At the time, I noted the reaction & thought to myself how sad it was that someone would recoil at the sight of a cross.  I also thought surely by publicly professing their faith, my children were being a witness.  “A child shall lead them.”  It was never a situation where I feared for my children’s safety.  

When we came out of the venue after the picture & autograph session, we were headed toward a restaurant for lunch. This was in a very dense metropolitan city. There were two Middle Eastern men standing on the sidewalk, speaking loudly in their native tongue. As we walked down the steps to the sidewalk, one of the men looked over at us & specifically at our boys. He zoned in on their crosses & seemed to get angry. He stopped talking to the other guy & was fixated on our boys’ crosses. His expression grew almost rage-like. Now, I didn’t notice any of this because I was focused on getting my littlest one’s hand & figuring out which direction we were to head in. Mr. P told me all of this after we got home, but he saw it & was fairly alarmed. Mr. P turned us North & we started walking. The Middle Eastern guy, still seemingly furious & having something to say to us, started heading toward us! I remember Mr. P stepping back behind the boys & I, with his arms wrapped lightly across our shoulders & he kept looking back. I looked back at him & asked him what he was doing, but it was very noisy & chaotic where we were, lots of city traffic and people… so we just kept walking. But after we got home, when he was telling me all of this, he said that he was turning back to make sure the guy wasn’t following us. He said the guy started to move in our direction with an angry scowl. Mr. P looked back at him & met eyes & gave him a hard look.. like, “Don’t even think about it.” Thank God the guy decided not to bother with us. How scary! Are we seriously at a point in this world where wearing a sign of your faith is making us targets for those who hate us? Do we stop wearing our crosses out in public? Isn’t that hiding our faith? I refuse to hide my faith. I hate it that something that means so much to my children & to us could potentially put us in danger. How evil this world has gotten! And what was this man going to do? Chastise us for allowing our children to believe in Jesus Christ?  And what if it had just been the children and I?  Without Mr. Patriot there, would this angry man have been less intimidated about charging after a woman and her kids?  What would he have done or said?  Who knows. I just praise God that HE kept us safe from a potentially ugly scene, or worse yet, harm. We really did have a wonderful family day & our kids are still on Cloud 9.  We are grateful that they missed this drama and can keep the day as a special memory.  As for Mr Patriot and myself, it was one more example of how dangerous our world has become.  ) ~~ Sister Patriot


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