Liberal Poopy Pants Over Trump Inauguration

I was just reading some comments by the friends of an acquaintance regarding the upcoming inauguration.  Most of the people commenting are liberals, so you can imagine….  One person in particular commented that going to Trump’s inauguration would be very crowded & cold.  There would be lots of walking & standing for a long period involved.  But the “worst” part about it, for her, would be that the crowd will be mostly Trump supporters.  “There will be fundamentalist Christians there en masse” and “anti-choice people” There will also be “anti-gay people” there.  Everything will be “Republican” and “Republicans will be all over the place”.  They will be selling “Trump paraphernalia in booths only“. (It’s Trump’s inauguration!  Does she want them to sell Obama or Hillary stuff too?)  In her opinion, it would be a punishment to have to go to such an event and be subjected to “those people”. 
Is this woman from the same group of people who are screaming that Trump is going to “divide America”??  The same group of people who didn’t notice that B.O. has already divided America & put the Grand Canyon in between us?  The same group of people that preach Kum-ba- yah from one side of their mouths while trashing everyone who doesn’t think like them out of the other? 
One more thing… we pro-life people aren’t just “anti-abortion”… we are anti-killing babies.  We are anti-going against God’s Word and rejecting what He has given to us.  “Pro-choice” sounds much less horrible than what it really means, so let’s call it what it is.  Pro-Choice = Pro-baby murder.  And as for the gay thing…  I don’t know any fellow Christians who are out to actively “de-gay” the population.  We’re simply saying that for us, we will serve the Lord.  We will obey His command.  As for everyone else, they have the same free will we do. We have all been given the same gift.  It’s up to us to choose whether we will accept it or not.  You see, in my opinion, good Christians do not TELL other people what to do.  That’s what Liberals are for.
Reading through those hateful comments, it’s easy to see that we really are not of this world & the more the world goes on, the more apparent that fact becomes. 
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Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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