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Here’s the Deal on the Recount…

Here is my take on all the recount business…. I think the Left’s point in doing this (aside from simply having their diapers in a wad over losing) is to try & somehow discredit President Elect Trump. Just like the … Continue reading

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#TrumpVictory and the Supermoon

Just something to ponder.  A great many of us Christians believe that God is using Donald Trump in a positive way for our country.  We believe that the massive Trump movement & victory was BECAUSE God’s hand is on the … Continue reading

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Upset Trump Won? What Is Wrong With You?

Can anyone please explain to me WHO these people are that are whining & crying about how “frightened” they are with a Trump Presidency?  The ones lamenting about how devastated they are by the majority’s choice?  The ones who think … Continue reading

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A Real War Hero, my Father

Originally published November 11, 2012 My father was born in 1922 in the coal mining country of eastern  Pennsylvania.  His father, a WWI veteran, was a miner.  I remember hearing the stories of how he worried about his father when … Continue reading

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A Trump Victory: All Glory to God

It has been a long road, capped off with a nail-biting race.  So many of us have been praying for a Trump victory. Against all odds, against corruption and a rigged system, against being hated by both parties & shunned by … Continue reading

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Dear American Voter, Pussycat Loving Trump or Spirit Cooking Hillary?

Originally posted on Chelene Nightingale:
Do you all remember when Michelle Obama declared during the 2008 election season that she was proud of “her” country for the first time in her adult life?  Well friends unlike Ms. Obama, I have…

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