Trump: America’s Last Chance


Donald Trump is just a man, but he’s a man who loves America. He has taken on the corrupt Left, the establishment RINOs, the MSM (which is just an arm of the Democrat party) & he has done what no one imagined. One man has this vast group of people so terrified, they are pulling out every fairytale they can scrounge up to try and topple him. But it won’t work. I believe that God is using Mr. Trump to save our country from going over the edge of the cliff. Those of us who educate ourselves, know that if Hillary wins this election, the USA is done. She might possibly be even worse than B.O. With the increase in UN-vetted Syrian refugees, the wide open borders, more government interference in our lives, Obamacare turning into full-blown socialist medicine…. our country will never be the same. Our children are facing a very grim future. We all are. This is a massive turning point in American history. We have a man who didn’t need to run for President. He already has fame and fortune. He could’ve just gone on to enjoy his life & his money. But instead he has mostly self-funded his campaign and worked harder than any politician I’ve seen in the past. I’ve never seen a candidate travel so much & greet thousands upon thousands of cheering Americans like Donald Trump has. I believe he is doing this because he loves this country. I’ve said it many times before. He sees where we’re headed & is trying to stop it. He’s trying to give our country back to the people. I believe God is using Mr. Trump. I have seen his demeanor change throughout this campaign. He’s become more humble. He’s apologized for things & he tells it like it is. If you are one on our side who just can’t stand Trump & refuse to vote for him… please weigh your choice very carefully. I would ask you to pray very hard about your decision and ask God to guide you. Not voting for Trump, is voting for Hillary & our country will not survive if she wins. She’s got the media, Hollywood, George Soros & voter fraud on her side. We need every single America-loving Patriot at the polls on November 8. If you’re not registered, do it now. If you’re on the fence, please consider what things will look like November 9 when we wake up and feel the sinking doom knowing that Hillary Clinton will be our next President. I beg everyone who loves this country & their children & grandchildren to please ask God to guide your vote. Ask that His Will be done. I believe this truly is America’s final chance. ~~ Sister Patriot

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About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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3 Responses to Trump: America’s Last Chance

  1. Steven Hogan says:

    “Exceptional ” opinion of Mr. Trump !!!!! ……… and I believe you are correct !!!!! It’s so easy to see how and why his opposition is so scared and is pulling out all the stops !!!! I just do not understand why all the REST of REAL AMERICANS, CONGRESS and THE FBI can not see it that way !!!!!! ( Besides the RAMPANT CORRUPTION that fills our NATION”S CAPITOL) …… THE MAJORITY of the PEOPLE in AMERICA can not be that BRAIN DEAD as to actually support Hillary R Clinton ( if so) AMERICA deserves the future of Failure it will receive ……………..

  2. Steven Hogan says:

    How simple is this for OTHERS to understand ????????? You are so correct Sister Patriot !!! I just can’t see why the MAJORITY of AMERICAN’s can not see it this way !!!!!! It is not ROCKET SCIENCE, it is not Quadhydro%$^^^$$#@^physical Math !!!!! It seems like not only did WE (as Americans) turn are heads on Washington……….. Americans as a whole,politically became stupid !!! We can’t think anymore for OURSELVES……….. The paid off media sources has some type of grasp on most of our brains and persuades us to think intelligently !!!!! FACT-CHECK THIS…….. FACT-CHECK THAT…….. ????? FIRST YOU have to FACT CHECK the SOURCE YOU are getting YOUR FACT-CHECKS From …………….. Where did COMMON SENSE DISAPPEAR to ??? Anyone Who has dealt with the “Evil Queen” behind the scenes-off camera (if they are being totally honest and are not afraid of reprisals ) will tell you that Hillary’s demeanor with others when she is in a MOOD or isn’t getting her way…….. is way, way less than to be desired ………. and that is “JUST FACTS” !!!! So , She is way far from perfect !!! not even close to being in the same Ball park as Mr. Trump , much less the same game !!!! I will agree both candidates are not perfect ……………. but which one of us are ????? And when you are slinging mud you better decide in a hurry who has the better quality mud to sling …………… And the FACTS do speak for themselves for both sides- the facts do fall where the fall !!!! So wake UP >>>>AMERICANS in the few short weeks left AND DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK ……….. instead of relying on the PAID -off MEDIA SOURCES …….. FACT_CHECK EVERYTHING TRIPLE CHECK ……. Know where YOUR SOURCE GOT THE INFORMATION FROM…….. Even if it does not change your mind about your pick of candidate………….. JUST THINK WHAT ELSE YOU MAY LEARN !!!!!!!!

  3. Roxanne says:

    I have already voted for Trump in early voting. The reason I voted early is that I am on chemo and it would not be a good idea to be in crowds on 8 Nov. But I agree – if Hillary wins America dies! God have mercy on the USA!

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