Cup of Joe in a Sea of Liberals…

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I married the right man. Not that I had any doubt in my mind whatsoever, but sometimes through life, little reminders pop up that just reaffirm what you already knew.

Mr. Patriot agreed to meet one of our friends at a local coffee shop early yesterday morning for a visit. You must remember that we live in Liberal-Ville, USA. California. We are absolutely surrounded by Obama bumper stickers, now Hillary & Bernie bumper stickers. Liberals, socialists, commies, old hippies who don’t exactly remember what they’re protesting anymore, but continue to protest everything… Not to say there aren’t good & decent people here too. We’re here. HA! And I have friends who are Conservative Christians here. We’re just in the minority. The very small minority. This is a place where if you wear a fur coat, you might get attacked by someone. (Happened to a friend of mine.) If you have a Republican sticker on your car, there might be vandalism. It’s very sad, but as usual, the Left preaches tolerance to everything except Conservatism, Christianity, morals & values.

Back to my story… Mr. Patriot met our friend. Early on a Saturday morning. The coffee shop was packed. Our friend was already there & he’d secured a small two-seat table luckily.. but Mr. P said they were squeezed in like sardines. Standing room only. Coffee in hand, sitting at their table, These two Christian, Conservative men started to catch up with one another. Eventually (& it didn’t take long) their conversation turned to politics. How could it not? Mr. Patriot is… well, married to ME. And our friend is awake & alert as to what is happening with our country. Both are very concerned about the future of the USA. They covered it all. The election, how anyone in their right mind can support a criminal under federal investigation for the highest office in the land… They discussed B.O. & the destruction of the constitution… They commiserated about liberals and how we’re surrounded. (HA!) Meanwhile through this conversation, said liberals were whipping their heads in the direction of my husband’s table, with disgust on their faces. One by one they started to huff, puff, grab their drinks & stomp off. Mr. Patriot said by the time they were ready to leave themselves, they’d cleared out half of the shop. HAAAAAAAA. I love it.

Now, this was not done in a trouble-making fashion. This was not hostile or “passive-aggressive” or whatever label you might want to slap on it. In fact, our friend was oblivious to people leaving until Mr. P pointed it out to him at the end of their meeting. But, two people should be allowed to meet in a public place or a place of business, where they have patronized said business & contributed to the economy. They should be afforded the right to sit in their own space, relax & peacefully talk about whatever they want to talk about. They weren’t being loud. They didn’t take a survey beforehand to see what they could & could not discuss so as not to offend any eavesdroppers. They were just minding their own business, relaxing on a Saturday morning & having a long overdue visit. But the left doesn’t see it that way. Anything that does not embrace their agenda, they take immediate offense to. In this case, I’m glad they just simply left. I told Mr. P that I was surprised they didn’t get some irate Bernie-bot in their faces… I’m glad they didn’t, though I have no doubt Mr. P can handle himself.

I just had to chuckle. I love that I married someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for his beliefs. Even in a sea of piranha, he isn’t afraid to venture into the waters. Great man and I love him.

At any rate, it’s a good lesson. We teach our kids not to succumb to peer pressure. I’ve seen many adults who go along with the crowd. These are people I know are Conservatives, Republicans, right-leaning… but they don’t wish to offend all of their pals and acquaintances who aren’t. That’s very sad to me. I’d rather stand alone in my beliefs than pretend to be someone I’m not just to have a bunch of “friends” who would abandon me in a hot second if they knew my true opinions.

Moral of this story: Don’t ever be intimidated about standing up for your own beliefs. Our Constitution affords you the God given right to believe in Conservative principles, just as much as it affords those around you to believe whatever they do. Oh, and don’t feel sorry for those coffee shop patrons who stomped off in a huff either. I’m sure they all hopped onto their rainbow-farting unicorns & pranced off to the communal “Safe Space”.

~~ Sister Patriot

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Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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3 Responses to Cup of Joe in a Sea of Liberals…

  1. Marla Austin says:

    Ha! Made me laugh this morning. Kudos to Mr. P for picking the right gal, too. I would have loved to see the faces of those you skedaddled.

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