#BoycottTarget: The Fight to Restore Safety & Sanity


Everyone uses the bathroom. Most people use public restrooms when necessary. I’ve never given much thought to the other women or small children that might have used a public restroom at the same time I’ve been using it. I’ve done what I needed to do & left. I never stopped to think that maybe the woman in the stall next to me identified as a cat or a lampshade. I never wondered if “she” was really a man who identified as a woman. If Bruce Jenner came into the restroom to use the stall next to me, I wouldn’t be concerned because I’ve seen him on tv. I feel I know enough about him to know that he wouldn’t peek over the wall to see what I was doing in my own stall.  I don’t think he would care. I would think he was using the toilet just like I was.  Likewise, if Chaz Bono uses a men’s room, I am sure no men would feel threatened as I am sure Chaz Bono isn’t interested in getting a look at any other men. But these are just the two examples we the public have been given of “transgender” people & now we are supposed to base our entire opinions & ideas on them.

I remember we had a patient in the dental office I used to work in. She (but really a he) presented himself as a “she” & we all thought it was a “she”… except for the telltale signs. The masculine traits that just give it away. I especially wondered when we were working on this patient. Tilted back in the chair with the light shining on his mouth, the dentist & I were up-close an personal, doing our dentistry… it was hard not to see the 5 o’clock shadow peeking through his pancake makeup. Did I care? No. It was none of my business. He was quiet, nice, polite & somewhat fearful of the dentist. I always felt sorry for the people who were anxious when they came in & tried to be reassuring. My point is that who knows who we’ve been using the public restroom with all these years?

The furor over this entire bathroom policy stupidity is that like many other things the left can’t leave alone, they have inflicted their “if it’s not broken, we’ll fix it until it is” policy here. By making a huge thing about the restrooms & dressing rooms…. all they have accomplished is to aid the predators in this country. Sexual predators & kooks of all kinds have just been given carte blanche to go where they shouldn’t be. In reality this is called “aiding & abetting”… but since we now live in the Twilight Zone, it’s called “co-existence” & “acceptance”. I call it insanity and downright dangerous.

With this bathroom issue being in the forefront recently, I remembered when my sister & I were teenagers. We were in an upscale store, shopping. We went into a dressing room (we shared one) to try on our items, as we usually did… A well to do older woman had just gone into the dressing room right next to us. We didn’t think a thing about it. She had very nice clothes on. A skirt and jacket, nice blouse, stockings, heels & even a hat. She was all done up. As we were minding our own business in our dressing room, we heard her fussing around in the next cubicle… suddenly the unmistakable sound of liquid hitting the carpeted floor. Startled, I looked down and under the partition between our cubicles, I could easily see that she was squatting in her fancy suit. Heels still on, stockings pulled down & she was peeing all over the carpeted floor!  My sister & I were absolutely stunned and repulsed! She finished up, righted her outfit, squared her hat & left. We abandoned our clothing selections & just left. Had we been more mature, we would have alerted the store manager to what we’d seen, but we were just kids and didn’t really know how to handle it. I will never forget that as long as I live. Why do I bring that up now? I guess just to say that no matter how someone looks outwardly, you don’t know what they’re like mentally. You don’t know if they’re a good person or a bad person… or a troubled person. Going into a closed space with strangers in this day and age is dangerous, really… We live in a sick and evil world. But, now that Target and the Left in general is pushing this “tolerance” policy with bathrooms, dressing rooms and whatever else, they have only succeeded in making innocent people more accessible to those who are up to no good. This has nothing to do with men who identify as women or women who identify as men or identifying as animal, vegetable or mineral. This has everthing to do with the safety of women, children & yes, even some men. Political correctness is really like a cancer. There are so many ways it has already brought destruction to our country, yet it keeps metastasizing into more areas.  Where have transgender people peed prior to this dumb policy?  Who knows.  Nobody knows because it wasn’t a big deal.  They were just minding their own business, peeing, like everyone else.  By pushing this P.C. bathroom policy, the only thing that has now happened is that sexual predators have the green light to enter places that were previously closed off to them.  If anyone raises a fuss, they just yell “discrimination” and they are left alone.  As usual in this sick world, the innocent are admonished and the guilty are praised.

My final question is this.  Why is such a fuss being raised for only 0.3% of the population?  The AFA petition currently circulating to Boycott Target over their dangerous new policy has surpassed 1.1 million signatures. (I have signed it here & I encourage everyone who is concerned about this issue to do the same.)  Their stock value has dropped significantly.  Why are they doing this for such a small percentage of the population?  I don’t know answer to that.  I do know that this insanity is just the tip of the iceberg.  ~~Sister Patriot 

About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & SisterPatriot.com She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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