Liberals, the Bathroom Law & Roger..


Bruce Springsteen recently cancelled his concert in North Carolina, claiming that until N.C. overturns their new “bathroom law”, he won’t  be performing in that state.  What is the North Carolina “bathroom law”?  You can read about it here, but essentially, it is a law that states you must use the bathroom according to the gender listed on your birth certificate.  Bruce and many other liberals feel that you should be able to use any bathroom that coincides with the gender you “identify” with.

It has been quite the topic lately and as usual, the liberals just do not understand those of us who agree with North Carolina.  As usual, the liberals reach into their bag of knee-jerk labels (I’m pretty sure you get one of these bags free of charge when you sign up as a liberal) & they are whipping out the “bigot” card & the “Christians are full of hatred and fear” card….  which brings us to Roger.

I shared the above meme* on my Sister Patriot Facebook page today and through the magic of “likes & shares”, Roger showed up, hopping mad.  He commented the following:

“The HATE driving both instances, is on the same side….no hypocrisy.

(An explanation, for the slower set: Springsteen doesn’t hate the people of North Carolina…he is protesting a law concocted from fear and hatred. The baker who claims his “religion” prevents him from selling cakes to people he fears and hates, isn’t protesting such fear and hatred…but PARTICIPATING in it.)”

Oh  Roger, Roger, Roger….  Here is my response:

Dear Roger: I don’t think we’re the slower set. Let me try to explain it to YOU. The baker doesn’t “claim” his “religion” prevents him from selling cakes to the LGBT crowd. The baker PROCLAIMS his belief in the Bible & his desire to follow GOD’s LAWS. He has NO problem selling anything to an LGBT individual. But when said LGBT individual asks the baker to please make a custom cake for their “wedding”, that is when it steps on our Christian beliefs. The LGBT lifestyle is an abomination to God. As believers in & followers of Jesus Christ, it is our duty to follow His Word.  As Americans, it is OUR God-given, Constitutional RIGHT to not participate in something that goes against our religious beliefs. There are PLENTY of other bakers who would be happy to provide said cake for any LGBT couple. (Remember, “no shoes, no shirt, no service”? I don’t remember anyone freaking out over that one.) Furthermore, Liberals cannot seem to grasp that by choosing to follow Christ & risk hurting the feelings of man, it doesn’t mean that any “fear or hatred” is going on. We Christians have friends, family & acquaintances who are LGBT, that we love. We love the sinner & hate the sin. We aren’t judging, but we also are not participating in what God tells us is a sin. I’d rather stand in judgment before man than stand in judgment before God.  As for Bruce Springsteen, this whole bathroom law has nothing to do with religion, political leaning or what gender you identify with. It has  everything to do with SAFETY. This law puts out a big, flashing banner to all the low-life criminals in our society. The rapists, peeping toms, child molesters & more that now  have a free pass to enter the women’s public restroom. Whether it’s to get a peek, harass, film or outright physically harm a woman or child, they’ve just received an open invitation. THAT is what this law is doing & THAT is why people are so upset by it. Bruce Springsteen probably hasn’t used a public restroom in 100 years, so it doesn’t affect him. His wife & daughters most likely have personal security. Most of us do NOT. Most of us will be sitting ducks… literally.  THAT is called hypocrisy. So put away your “religion” card & file away your “bigot” card.   If you have a female in your life that you care about, you might want to re-think your stance on this issue.  Do you copy?  Over & out. ~~SP
Boom.  There you have it.  Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.  ~~ Sister Patriot
*Meme shared from The Patriot Nation.

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Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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