Standing up for Jesus… Will you be ready?

Do not be afraid

There are Christians being beheaded & crucified in the Middle East because they will not deny Jesus.  We are living in a world where things like this really are happening… maybe when you’re sitting at your table in the morning having your coffee & your little ones are playing with their toys…. these hideous things are happening far away.  Why don’t we send our troops in immediately & bomb these evil ones right back to the hell they spawned from?  Yet, we do nothing.  If that isn’t bad enough, we’re living in a world where there was a mass shooting on American soil. Why? Because the victims would not deny Jesus.  How can this be?  But instead of cracking down on the rising issssssssssssssslamic terror in this country, the Left just demand that they need to take our guns away.  We aren’t doing anything to help the Christians in the Middle East & we’re not doing anything to help them in America either.  Why is this?  Peter denied Jesus three times.  The DNC denied Jesus three times.  We see the road we are on.  We know where this is headed.  The question is, when faced with a grim fate, will you or will I be able to stand up for Jesus, knowing what it will mean? I cannot imagine what fear I would feel knowing that once I gave my answer, I would feel pain & then death.  But I pray I would stand up for Jesus no matter what.  There was a chapter in the ‘Left Behind’ series I read (& I know not everyone agrees with those books, but that isn’t the point here).  There was a concentration-type camp full of Christians. Those who denied Jesus & accepted the mark of the beast could live.  Those who would not, were beheaded.  There was this older little lady who gathered with her women friends in this camp, waiting in line for the guillotine.  They linked arms & sang praises to God.  This infuriated the anti-believers.  When this womans’ turn came, they asked her if she’d deny Jesus & she would not.  She refused the mark with a big smile on her face.  This made the guard so angry, he hit her in the face with the back of his rifle & pushed her to her knees before the guillotine.  On her knees, with blood pouring out of her mouth, her face was beaming in joy as she looked upward.  She started to weep & said she saw Jesus.  He was there with her & there was nothing that guard could do to her that would change her mind.  Jesus was giving her peace & she knew He was right there waiting for her.  She knew where she was going & she had the strength from Jesus to get there.    That scene stuck with me & I have never forgotten it.  I know it’s graphic & something we’d rather not think about, but it does cross my mind when I read the way this world is going & what is happening to Christians.  I pray none of us ever experience something like that, but if we do, if I do, I want to be ready.  So I think we need to pray for our Christian brothers & sisters who do face this horrific moment & have to choose.  We also must pray for ourselves and our families.  I pray first that we will be protected from such things, but I also ask that if ever in a situation where we have to make a choice, we choose the right path & we see Jesus’ loving face, giving us strength and reassurance.  We know who is in charge.  We know how this ends & we know where we are going.  ~~Sister Patriot

About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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2 Responses to Standing up for Jesus… Will you be ready?

  1. Marla Austin says:

    I, too, recall that scene in the book; and I pray often that I will have the same courage as shown by that elderly woman. Excellent piece, Sister Patriot, for the time is rapidly approaching when we will be faced with the same choice.

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