With the success of Sister Patriot, I feel blessed that  God has given me this idea to share my Conservative & Christian beliefs in a public forum, meeting so many like-minded people in our country and all over the world!  As my  FB page, Twitter page & blog continue to grow, I feel the overwhelming responsibility to use my voice in the best way possible.  One of my latest ideas for doing so is by highlighting Conservative businesses.  Capitalism made this country great & in these sad times, bringing small businesses to the forefront is one small thing I can do to help my fellow Patriots.  This is the first in my series of “Spotlight on  Conservative Business”.  If you are a Conservative with a business you would  like me to write about, please PM me at

And now, without further ado:



This incredible small business is a dream come true for Marla Austin.  A retired registered nurse, Marla lives on a farm with her husband.  Her story is best told in her own words:

“In 2004, I was rescued from 2 years of homelessness by the kindness of a stranger, who turned out to be the best man I’ve ever known (other than my father).
Unable to work and bored, I started crocheting, brushing off skills learned long ago as a little girl, quite literally, sitting on the floor at my Grandmother’s feet.
My first project was a queen-sized bedspread that used 2 strands of thread together,. By using two strands at a time, I was able to create six shades from three colors. It took a full year to make and turned out too heavy to use!
Not long after, a friend told me that the local arts center was putting together an exhibit showcasing area artists. At first, they weren’t interested in doilies; that is, until they saw my work.
I was so moved by their display that I knew I had to share my love for this beautiful art form with as many people as I could (and maybe make a little spending money on the side). Thus began my dream.
In Dec. 2008, I became a vendor at the S.P.B.H. Folk Art Festival held in Libearl, Kansas and did so well my first year that it’s become an annual event for me.( By the way, SPBH stands for “Society for the Prevention of Bored Housewives”. I remember hearing about it when I was in high school in Garden City Ks.; its been around that long.)
Now my dream is well on it’s way. In fact, I guess you could say it’s been fulfilled. Less than a month after opening my internet shop, my first item sold, and I became an international seller at the same time.
“Every piece made with loving prayer” is the quote on the back of my business card and is literal. I thank God for the loving Grandmother who taught me this craft, for the skill I have since acquired, for the blessings God has given me. I hope and pray His peace and Grace be with every recipient of my work.”



Marla uses published patterns from other designers to create many of her pieces, but she also does custom work, name pieces and check out these gorgeous angels:


Marla has been a longtime follower of Sister Patriot & has become a personal friend of mine.  I once commented to her that she has incredible patience to create these ornate pieces.  She replied, “No, it’s how I learned patience.”

You can visit Panhandle Annie’s Vintage  Crochet here:

There is also an accompanying FB page, to keep up on what is happening in the Panhandle Annie world of vintage crochet.

I find Marla to be a true American Patriot.  Someone who is no nonsense, kind  and decent. I have personally purchased from her business. I find her work to be of excellent quality & she is a pleasure to deal with.   I’m giving her business my “Sister Patriot Conservative Business stamp  of approval”.    I hope you will check out her shop & give her FB page a “like”.  ~~Sister Patriot

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Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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