Obamacare: The Assault on American Families

Obamacare A Fine A Tax

I spent Saturday afternoon in the urgent care facility in our town.  Many of you know that I injured my back earlier this month & had excruciating spasms.  I was out of commission for a week, but I never sought medical attention.  I toughed it out, worried about what might be wrong in there & I prayed that the pain would stop. Eventually it did.  On the heels of the back issue, my ear started hurting.  The pain grew worse & I again, ignored it.  Pretty soon I could tell I had an ear infection, yet I continued to ignore it. Finally on Saturday, the pain & pressure was so great, I could tell it was badly infected & I needed treatment.

Reluctantly, I shuffled off to the urgent care. Just prior to my back injury, I had to bring my youngest little Patriot  in for an emergency, to the tune of $300.  Now here I was again. Disgusted that I couldn’t tough this one out & disgusted that in my country, I’d have to tough it out.

I checked in, had to be embarrassed when asked for my insurance card. “We don’t currently have insurance.”  The woman’s eyes looked downward.  “Ohhhhhh.”  Like a waiter telling you your credit card had been declined, in front of all of your friends.  I felt ashamed and angry all at once.  What has happened to my country?  I’ve been to this same urgent care several times before.  I never had to worry about paying for the visit as we always had excellent private insurance with an affordable premium.  I never had to worry about having the extra funds to pay any deductible or balance.  We had plenty of that too.  But my America has changed so drastically in the last 7+ years, it just leaves me breathless at times.  What the hell happened to my country?

I took a seat near the reception desk, to wait for my name to be called.  My ear was throbbing, I felt sick to my stomach from the infection and was anxious to be seen.   A man walked in and went up to the counter.  He told the woman he thought his eye was injured and he needed  to see someone.  It sounded like a possible abrasion from what I heard him say.  (My Dad was an Optical professional.)  The woman started clicking her computer keys, confirming his information.  Address, phone number.  Work?  He said he was self-employed.  He repairs bicycles out of the back of his truck.  I started wondering… hmmm… I wonder if this guy has any insurance?  The  woman asked if he had an insurance card & he did.  He handed it over.  She checked it out and said, “OK.  Your co-pay is $3. If you were seeing a specialist, it would be $5.”

Hmmm…  I need to find out what insurance this self-employed guy has & look into it!  That is when the woman said, “So you’re one of the many who Obamacare is benefiting!”  She had a big smile on her face.  They started chuckling together.  He agreed it was a “great  deal”.  However, that website sure was a pain to deal with and he felt the need to complain about that for at least 5 minutes.  “It sure is a great law though.  It pays to be poor!”  He laughed and went to sit down & wait his turn.  I was furious.

His words continued to ring in my good ear…  “It pays to be poor.”  There it is in a nutshell.  Why should this guy work any harder?  Why should he try and grow his business to maybe employ others and raise his own income?  Why should he report all of his income?  Sickeningly, I overheard that he lived in our old neighborhood.  The neighborhood where we owned our family home and lost it during the horrible recession.  HE still lives there.  We don’t.  In fact, there I sat, in pain, worrying about the extra funds going out to pay for my medical treatment, realizing that I don’t have insurance anymore because I have to pay for asses like this guy. I’m paying for his eye to be checked out.  I can guarantee you that if something flew up & hit my husband in the eye while at work right now, he would ignore it, simply because we don’t have insurance anymore.

I have said many times before.  We are self-employed.  My husband brings in a 6 figure income & yet, it’s barely enough to raise a family of four.  Our private medical insurance had been $500 per month.  By the time Ovomitcare was enacted, our premium was jacked up to $2100 per month.  That was when we had to give it up.

This is the death of the Middle Class in this country.  Life as we used to know it, is over. The left has had this goal in place for a very long time & we see it coming to fruition before our very eyes.  They are trying to create a society of the “haves” and the “have nots”.  There will be the very rich and the very poor.  No in between.  If you try to succeed, you will be penalized for it.  We are already seeing that happen right now with Obamacare and the mandates placed on employers.

I know plenty of people who think OVomitCare is so wonderful & “long overdue”.  I have concluded that those people fall into two categories.  They’re either wealthy and none of this affects them or they are simply too ignorant to see clearly and easily fall prey to the media’s brainwashing.

Does the current state of things make me sick?  Absolutely.  Have I given up?  No way.  I believe we can still fight to turn it around.  We just celebrated Memorial  Day yesterday.  To become victims of the current regime is an insult to the memories of all those who  made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  This is America.  It’s worth fighting for.  ~~Sister Patriot

About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & SisterPatriot.com She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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