As the Loons Prepare to Celebrate Earth Day again…


I’m a people-watcher.  I always have been.  I watch people pass by, see them interact in public & wonder why they think, act, dress the way they do.  Not to judge, but simply out of human curiosity.  I find behavior interesting.  These days I am so into politics & the state of our country, I’m even more fascinated by people.  I just cannot figure many of them out.  I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else, I’m certainly not.  Just baffled by what some feel is a priority.

Last week we had an electrician at our house, working on some switches & timers.  I’d never met him before.  He was a nice enough person.  He was showing me how the new timers for the bathroom heaters & vents worked.  He pointed out that these timers only go up to 30 minutes max & then shut off.  I said that was fine & if anyone wanted more time, they could simply press the 30 minute button again.  He gave me a funny look & said, “Or you can tell people that 30  minutes is all they’re getting. It’s an energy waster.”  Hmmmm….  I figured this had to do with “carbon footprint” mumbo-jumbo, so I just filed that away in my head.  A bit later he was finished & had some packaging materials on the counter.  He said, “I need to clean up this debris & then I will be done.”  I pointed out the garbage can & said he could just toss it all in there & I would throw it away.  WELL….. the look he gave me this time was akin to the look you’d give someone who farted during a funeral.  “I will RECYCLE!!!”  he exclaimed.  OooooooKaaaaay……….  Wow.  He made a number of comments during his visit here pointing out that he is indeed an enviro-loon.  Kind of funny as he is an electrician.  But, whatever.  As many of you know, we live in liberal hippieville here, so it was no surprise to me. Frankly, I am quite used to people being so whacked out about the environment here.  From people giving you a dirty look if you say you are going to sit in your car with the air conditioning running… to people becoming violent when you ask for a bag for your purchases in the store (and yes, here you have to pay for the bags now).

The thing that really makes the above “priorities” for some even more bizarre to me is the state of this world.  There are Christians being brutally slaughtered in this world.  Children are being killed.  Women are being raped.  People are being burned alive for their faith, yet the narrative pushed by the left is this faux-global warming stuff & “loving Mother Earth” baloney.  Now, I believe the earth is a beautiful creation by God. He created it all from nothing. We should take care of what God gave us & most of us do.  I don’t throw my garbage out the window.  I recycle what I can without being crazy about it.  But, I believe we’re supposed to live our lives too.  Yes, I will turn all the lights I need on.  I will run the air conditioner if it’s hot & we are uncomfortable without it.  And no, I don’t see the evil in bagging your groceries.    In the forefront for me are the more important issues.  The constitution being ignored by our leaders.  The corruption in D.C. at an all-time high.  The open borders, the death of the middle class, the Obamacare NIGHTMARE.  That is what is important today & if people would just look up from their preoccupation with made up rhetoric (such as global warming) and look at the road that lies ahead, they would see we are teetering perilously on a cliff.  When these jihadists strike a church in America and attack American Christians, it won’t matter whether you brought your groceries home in cloth shopping bags last week or not.  When a violent crime is committed against a loved one by a gangbanger who has come over the border illegally from Central America or when martial law goes into effect, the fact that you drove your SUV with the a/c on will be meaningless.  People need to put their focus on the real issues and stop falling for the leftist narrative that is being used to distract them from the huge drop-off we are heading for at full speed.  ~~Sister Patriot

About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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