Net Neutrality Passes…. Free Speech In Peril


Back when I’d just started Sister Patriot, I shared a meme one night to my personal FB wall. I meant to share it on this page, but made an error. It was a picture of a little child saying to her father, “Daddy, what was it like to have freedom?” One of my FB friends (at the time) was a woman who I’d taken a writing class with in the past. She was very big on proclaiming to people that SHE IS A LIBERAL. When she saw this meme on my FB wall, she immediately commented, “What freedoms have you lost?” I have never forgotten her comment. I did my best to explain to her at the time how we were on a slippery slope, where we were headed & what our future looked like. She never answered me & shortly thereafter I defriended her when I did some major “FB wall friend cleaning”….. Today I am reminded of her comment once again. Today our internet was taken over. More freedom of speech lost. Will Sister Patriot go on? Will many other pages like mine continue? It remains to be seen in the days ahead. I really don’t know. We’ve lost our healthcare system. Many of us have lost our health insurance. We’re losing our jobs. We’re losing our country to illegals. We’re losing our battle against once eradicated diseases as new strains of diseases enter into our country & spread amongst us. Christianity is in peril. Our safety isn’t what it once was. The left would love it if we lost our guns. What is next? Seriously. Can we survive until the end of this second term? And with the power, money & corruption that has fully taken over our country, do we even have a chance for a true Conservative to win the next election? To my writing friend, I’d ask, “Do you see it now? Do you “get” it yet? Are YOU feeling any loss of your freedoms yet?” I’m sure she’d have some canned rhetoric answer. Like most on the left, she will never get it or she won’t get it until it’s way too late. I believe in God. We know that He has already won the battle over evil. He knows exactly what every day will hold. It’s our job to trust & have faith in Him. I do believe He wants us to continue to speak out & stand up for what is right. That is what I will continue to do until I am silenced. Today is a sad day. Another big blow to America. Above all, today I am placing all of my trust in Him. Ultimately we know how this ends & we know where we are going. We just are not sure what things will look like before we get there. ~~Sister Patriot

About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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