Evil Grocery Bags, Crazy Environmentalists & Bruised Produce…

Not a Hippie actual

Well, many of you know my feeling on the cloth shopping bags & the big, “evil bag” ban in many cities.  In California, they’ve taken away our plastic bags, which didn’t bother me because I prefer the paper bags anyway.  But now they’re charging us for a much flimsier paper bag, if we don’t bring our own reusable bags (which I do not & won’t until I have no other option to get my groceries home).  Currently it’s 10 cents per bag, but in a neighboring city it’s gone up to 25 cents.  It’s not much, but it’s the principle. Just like with OVomitCare. If you don’t comply, you get fined. A bully tactic.

Frequently I order my groceries to be delivered from our local store, if I am having a busy week. In fact, I just had them delivered today.  Now, this cracks me up.  I do appreciate the service & the convenience.  The drivers have always been nothing but pleasant & hard-working. They bring my groceries to the door in large plastic bins.  They seem to allow a total of four paper bags that they do charge me for, but everything else I order is loose, rolling around in these plastic bins.  I just find this rather ridiculous. My produce is getting all smashed from rolling cans of soup.  I realize “they” are trying to “save the planet” and “co-exist” or whatever it is the environmentalists have brainwashed the masses into believing…  but how funny it is to me that they cannot just give me as many paper bags as I need to contain my purchases (and I am not complaining about them charging me for them either as I’d rather have the convenience of my groceries in a bag than juggling avocados & apples all the way to my kitchen from the front door.)  But when the groceries are delivered, they bring them in a big, diesel truck. So if you want to follow their line of reasoning… here is a big truck, polluting the air…  but I can’t buy two extra paper bags to hold my stuff.

I just note this because it points out the ridiculous logic of the left.  Much of environmentalism is about control. I’ve said it before & I’ve taken heat for it from some, but the left loves to bully & control. People say, “Oh, but the plastic bags are so harmful to our oceans & the sea life.” Well, how about teaching PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY then??  I do not throw my garbage into the ocean.  I dispose of it responsibly & properly. My children don’t throw garbage on the ground because we have taught them personal responsibility & taking care of what we have & having respect for what God has created for us.

I went into KMart  recently & had about 15 various sized items. I paid for everything & then the girl looked at me & said, “Do you want a bag?”  ?????? I bit my tongue, but I wanted to say, “Oh not necessary.  I’ll just stuff all of these things into my cheeks & scamper out to my car like a squirrel.” OF COURSE I WANT A BAG!!!  I’m not an octopus. I only have two hands.  I’ve got a purse & two kids with me…  Are you totally serious???  Insanity.  (And yes, I realize she doesn’t make the rules… she’s just following orders. You’ll be happy to know that I smiled politely & said, “Yes, please.”)

This crazy environmental bullying also brings to mind the super liberal family member who would never allow anyone to bring a birthday present to her son’s birthday party.  She claimed it was wasteful & kids didn’t really want presents anyway… they just enjoyed opening a box.  So every year they’d stuff a box full of recycled paper & the poor child would open it & find no gift in there.  They also were annoyed at Christmastime when people would wrap gifts.  They felt it was unkind to trees.   Yet, they had no problem driving an SUV or extensively traveling, logging many air miles. AND they’ve also consistently voted for Democrats, which is unkind to PEOPLE… but most environmentalists put plant life above human life.

Liberal logic.  Makes zero sense to me. Glad I’m a Conservative.   ~~Sister Patriot

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Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & SisterPatriot.com She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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