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Net Neutrality Passes…. Free Speech In Peril

Back when I’d just started Sister Patriot, I shared a meme one night to my personal FB wall. I meant to share it on this page, but made an error. It was a picture of a little child saying to … Continue reading

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“Student Success Act” to Crush Religious Freedom, Private School Autonomy, Parental Rights: #NO on HR5

Originally posted on COMMON CORE:
? ? ? This one is such a betrayal. I’ve never been so shocked and angry over a proposed Congressional bill that I burst into tears.  Not until tonight. I’d been quietly reading and taking…

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Evil Grocery Bags, Crazy Environmentalists & Bruised Produce…

Well, many of you know my feeling on the cloth shopping bags & the big, “evil bag” ban in many cities.  In California, they’ve taken away our plastic bags, which didn’t bother me because I prefer the paper bags anyway.  … Continue reading

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Capitalism or Communism? The Evil Plans for One World Order

Originally posted on Chelene Nightingale:
Capitalism is evil….well from a communist’s perspective!  In light of the recent elections in Greece, the Ferguson-inspired riots in America, and increasing minimum wage discussions, communism has dominated news headlines.  Since America’s existence, the country…

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Trying to Wake Up America? Getting Discouraged?

You know, it is frustrating. There are those of us on the Right who see what’s happening. It’s plain as day to us. We’re sounding the bells, trying to educate those who don’t read & research like we do. Many … Continue reading

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Illegal Aliens and American Jobs

OK. I have a bee in my bonnet today. Let’s talk about illegal aliens taking American jobs. You know, like the new Attorney General hopeful was talking about. She feels that an illegal has every bit as much of a … Continue reading

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