The illegal invasion… coming to a town near you

OK. Well. Interesting. The little Patriots & I just returned home from running a few errands. While in line at the grocery store, I noticed there was a *very* young Hispanic woman in front of me with two small boys. (She may have even been an older sister as she was quite young.) I noticed that they only spoke Spanish and she paid with some type of food stamps. I was interested in observing this because it isn’t something you commonly see in this area. I wouldn’t say the area we live in is upscale, but it’s definitely upper middle class. You don’t normally see people buying things with EBT cards or food stamps in our town. It’s a small town surrounded by larger cities & a metropolitan area about an hour away. Given the current border situation & all that is in the news, I was really paying attention & wondering if these were some of the people who have entered our country illegally. I mean, this IS California & it IS sickeningly liberal here. While I was pondering this, two more Hispanic women came up behind me. Same thing. Spanish speaking only. One woman did not know about personal space as she was nearly on top of me. She flung some dripping bag of produce up onto the counter & sloshed liquid all over my foot & leg. By this time I had moved up to check out my things. This woman stayed right on top of me & was talking to her friend about me. You can’t live in California your whole life and not pick up some Spanish. I know enough to know that she was talking about me. Anyway… whatever. I didn’t stay around long enough to see if she paid with cash or food stamps… but the whole thing really made me stop and think. We know these people are going to infiltrate our cities. What irritates me is that at least the woman in front of me who paid with food stamps (essentially we all just paid for her groceries today). When it was my turn, I paid $109 for things for my family. That came out of our bank account. Hard-earned money that taxes were paid on. So, why do I have to pay for your groceries when you are here illegally & why do I have to press #1 for English when I call my bank to check my balance?

I was also thinking about the threat of the disease being reported. My littlest Patriot is Mr. Friendly & he had a stuffed toy with him. He was looking at the two little boys in front of us & held out his toy to show them. One of the children was coughing. I instinctively thought, “What *if* they have something contagious?” I hate to be that way, but my first priority is to protect my children. We all risk picking up germs when out in public, but with this latest threat… scabies, lice, drug-resistant T.B., etc…. it’s a game changer. It made me realize that B.O. HAS fundamentally transformed America. We’re seeing it up close & personal right now. It’s affecting & has affected all of our lives (I’m not just talking about the illegal situation). It’s affecting the way we think & the way we react to other people.

Now, before some libturd reads this & comes down hard on me for my comments, let me just save time & answer them right now.

Libturd: “Sister Patriot, you are so racist!!”

Sister Patriot: “First of all, liberals are the biggest racists on the planet. Second, I’m not a racist. At all. I mention the nationality of these people specifically because of the current border issue & the mass of Mexicans flooding into this country. Today, in the grocery store, they happened to be Mexican. They could have been from Central America or the Middle East & maybe next time I go to the store, they will be.”

Libturd: “Oh Sister Patriot, you disgust me. You call yourself a Christian, yet you don’t accept everyone like Jesus did.”

Sister Patriot: “I do care about my fellow man. However, Jesus also told us not to steal. When you sneak across the border & live off of hardworking people’s taxes, I consider that akin to stealing. Illegal means against the law. I don’t care if you are Mexican or German or British or a martian from Planet Nimrod, it’s still committing a crime. I care about the men & women who work their butts off, obey the laws, pay taxes & can’t make ends meet because taxes & now our medical insurance premiums are so high, in part from catering to all of these freeloaders.”

Libturd: “SP, don’t you REALLY mean that you don’t normally see Hispanics in your area & you don’t like it?”

Sister Patriot: “I see plenty of Hispanics in my area. I have Hispanic friends. But the difference is, they are citizens of this country. Some have been here longer than I have. They own businesses, they have good jobs, nice homes. They are Americans. Big difference.”

And frankly… if you’re a libturd reading this, don’t bother commenting (unless it’s polite, which is doubtful) because I will ban your butt anyway. ~~Sister Patriot

About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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1 Response to The illegal invasion… coming to a town near you

  1. Cat Baloo says:

    I don’t think you’re racist to bring up the issues you did. Those are legitimate issues that any observant and thinking person and especially a thinking parent (e.g. the coughing and health concerns) would bring up. If I had been in your situation and I would have seen kids coughing around my child heck that would have been the first thought in my mind. And especially, since we know that Central American children are coming into the country with diseases and the children are all over the place and we don’t even know where they are exactly.

    Where I live in New Mexico, I regularly see this situation with Hispanics that are clearly not from the United States. I’m Hispanic and I read, write and speak fluent Spanish and I’ve traveled a lot throughout Mexico so I recognize when a Hispanic is not from here and I can usually tell from what country they are from or even from what part of Mexico they are from. And yes, I have noticed many of those food stamp scenes in the supermarkets here. And it bugs the heck out of me. And in most of the food stamp scenes I’ve seen the foreign-born Hispanics are buying these huge cuts of beef–good stuff, quality stuff and lots of it–stuff I’d think twice to buy because it’s expensive. They don’t seem to give cost a second thought though. And I wonder why that is. I wonder if it’s because they probably aren’t telling the truth about how much money they make so that at the same time they are receiving food stamps they also have lots of extra money to pay for those big cuts of beef. And don’t get me started on all the young Hispanic girls and the Hispanic women with more children than they can care for paying for food with their WIC card. Man, sometimes I feel yelling at them in Spanish to quit having kids they can’t take care of.

    If you are feeling like you just can’t say what you think without being pressured to not say it, then you might want to read a really good article that was on about this same problem. You might like it. He asks if there are certain areas of discourse that are off limits because some people get emotionally upset. I thought his answer to the question was good. However, in the comments section it’s clear that lots of people disagreed primarily because they have poor reading comprehension skills. (See

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