Jeff the Liberal is upset I called him a “Sheep”…


A few days ago I posted a piece to the Sister Patriot FB page about liberals and their skewed, bizarre logic.  My post was prompted by an especially brutal week of lefties coming to the page to bash Conservative values and portray the hatred and intolerance they always insist they do not possess.  I received messages and posts filled with anger about my news stories and commentary on a number of issues.   There was the story about the Burger King “Proud Whopper” which celebrates “gay pride”.  The Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby brought out all the anger and furor the “loving” left could muster. Insults  abounded over the many stories of the illegal invasion at our borders.  Throw in some pro-2nd amendment, Christianity and calls for impeachment and you get a bunch of angry liberals screaming insults at Conservative people on a Conservative page.  (I have never figured out why liberals feel the need to go to Conservative pages just to yell at people.  Not sure if that’s the “tolerant” part or the “anti-bullying” part of their agenda showing.)

Anyway, after so much baloney from these people (they tire me, they really do), I wrote the following and posted it to the page:

Liberals are truly a scourge on America. Let’s see if I have this right:

*If you are a Conservative: you’re narrow-minded.
*If you disagree with B.O.: you’re a racist.
*If you’re against the influx of illegals pouring across our borders: you’re racist and hateful.
*If you are against “free healthcare”: you’re an elitist.
*If you disagree with Hillary: you’re sexist.
*If you’re a Christian: you’re ignorant.
*If you’re pro-life: you’re waging a war on women.


*If you are a Liberal you are tolerant (except when you’re bashing Christians & Conservatives)
*If you are a Liberal you embrace everyone (except Christians & Conservatives)
*If you are a Liberal you are all about “peace” (except when you wish death or pain on those you disagree with)
*If you are a Liberal you hate pro-lifers because a woman has a right to choose (but a baby doesn’t).
*If you are a Liberal you are pro-Obamacare (because you either get it all for free or you have enough money to purchase the very best private care & it doesn’t affect your life.)
*If you are a Liberal you support the administration who sends billions of dollars to other countries (as long as you can still fudge on your taxes)
*If you are a Liberal you think that people who watch Fox News are idiots, but you get all of your news from Jon Stewart & MSNBC.
*If you are Liberal you hate Christians because they disagree with same-sex marriage, yet you support an administration that caters to a group that reeeeeeeallly doesn’t tolerate gays (and you don’t see the irony.)

If you are a Liberal you need to remove the blinders & wake up. Turn off CNN, put down the remote & look out your window. Pay attention to what is happening in YOUR country. In OUR country. Help us before it’s too late.

And just so you know… when you bash us for our knowledge & beliefs, lions don’t care much what sheep think about them. ~~Sister Patriot


The post was pretty  popular among my readers with about 100 ‘likes’ & 40 ‘shares’. We all agree.  Well, all of us except Jeff.  Jeff doesn’t agree.  This is what Jeff wrote regarding my post:

Writing or posting this kind of assumption is exactly proving the point we liberals make about the “angelic” “Christian” behavior we generally see from conservatives. Calling people with beliefs different from your own “sheep” hmmm…which point that you posted about liberals does that fit into….glad we liberals can shake you up that much that you feel compelled to post something so stereotypical and bigoted. Good day and have a happy fourth all you self named “patriots”.

Herein is my response to “Jeff”:

“Writing or posting this kind of assumption is exactly proving the point we liberals make about the “angelic” “Christian” behavior we generally see from conservatives.”

—  Which part exactly, Jeff?  The whole truth part or the nothing but the truth part?  First, I want you to take each point I made about what liberals think of Conservatives and tell me how I am wrong.  I’m sure that you have called and/or accused a Conservative of at least one or all of the following:  “narrow-minded, racist, hateful, elitist, sexist, ignorant and/or waging a war on women.”  Am I wrong?

Second,  I personally consider myself a Christian Conservative.  I don’t know many Christians who profess to be “angelic”.  Most of us know we are far from it.  We recognize we are sinners saved by Grace through Jesus Christ.  (Not to say there aren’t those ‘holier than thou’ types of people out there, but that’s a different subject.  ‘Holier than thou’ types cross party lines. In fact, you will find them all over the world.)   So basically, you are doing the very thing you are accusing me of doing.  You are generalizing a group, saying that Conservatives are ALL delusional “angelic” Christians.  #FAIL Jeff.  You are wrong.

Jeff, did you know there are Conservatives who are not Christian?  There are atheist Conservatives.  There are fiscal Conservatives who have liberal social leanings.  Just like with humankind, Jeff, Conservatives vary.  Within our “group”, we don’t all agree on every point.  What we do agree on is our love of country and our devastation over the loss of freedom.  That is what unites us.

“Calling people with beliefs different from your own “sheep” hmmm…which point that you posted about liberals does that fit into”

—   Again, we are sinners Jeff.  Calling a group a derogatory name is not nice.  We probably shouldn’t call liberals sheep, even if you are indeed sheep.  But, tell me… how does us calling you “sheep” differ in any way from your group calling ALL Conservatives, “racist, ignorant, elitist, sexist, narrow-minded, hateful tea-bagging bigots”?? (Well, I guess “sheep” isn’t so bad compared to what we get called on a daily basis from the uninformed left.)

Jeff, when a liberal looks at me with a red face and tells me I am an “ignorant, bible-thumping racist” with spittle flying off of his lower lip with every syllable, is he exempt from bigotry?  He is picking on someone with beliefs different from his own and calling them names.   How does that make him tolerant?  #FAIL again Jeff.  You are wrong.

“glad we liberals can shake you up that much that you feel compelled to post something so stereotypical and bigoted.”

– Oh Jeff, you so miss the point – as all of your group generally does.  You see, to the left, it’s a high school clique thing.  “We are smarter than them.  They are ignorant.  We are better.”  So you grow angry whenever you hear anything about anyone who has differing opinions.  You hate Sarah Palin, you detest Rush Limbaugh…  you look down on Christians.  It’s all an “us against them” game to you.  While the whole country swirls down the toilet bowl, you are completely oblivious, other than to pass notes in class to your fellow liberal buddies about the geeky Conservative kid down in the front row.

To Conservatives, yes we grow very frustrated with your group simply because of this.  We are trying to say, “Look!!! The plane is about to crash into the ocean!  Help us!  DO something!!”  And you liberals are elbowing each other about the Conservative dweeb who is a “fear-monger”.  Your group, the liberals, play nicely into the hand of the Progressive Elites whose plan IS to “fundamentally transform” this nation.  Liberals are useful idiots, Jeff and I don’t say that to be cruel.  It’s the truth.  They take your sophomoric need to be the “popular kids” and use it to their advantage.  Your votes and support help them to further their agenda.  This is the most elementary way I can think of to explain things to you.

And by the way, you don’t “shake us up” and fluster us.  What “shakes us up” is the constant bypassing of Congress by this President.  The unlimited “Executive Orders”.  The complete disregard for the Constitution.  The corruption that is oozing through this current administration and infringing upon ALL of our rights, Jeff.   What “shakes us up” is the fact that a group of Americans who call themselves “Liberals” fall like idiots for the following manufactured flotsam:  the war on women, global warming, the green agenda, etc… These things are meant to distract from what is really going on.  You guys froth at the mouth over someone using a plastic bag at the flipping grocery store, while you ignore the fact that we have UN armored vehicle sightings all over America…  You don’t question the FEMA camps.  You don’t read the Executive Orders and wonder how they may affect your family.  You don’t know anything about Common Core or care about what your children are being taught in school.  Just as long as  you march in lockstep, Jeff… you can keep your “cool kid” title.  It shakes us up that there are functioning adults in this country that have their heads buried so far up their butts, they don’t see what is coming. So again… #FAIL.  You are wrong, Jeff.  So very wrong.

“Good day and have a happy fourth all you self named “patriots”.”

–Do you know what a Patriot is, Jeff?



a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

I vigorously support my country, Jeff.  That makes me a Patriot.  I don’t profess to be “angelic” or “holier than thou”.  I don’t profess to be superior in any way.  I am a sinner, saved by Grace.  I am an American who loves my country.  I support and am grateful to the many who have fought and died to give me the right to express the above thoughts.  I support our current military who make sacrifices you can’t even imagine.  I support freedom and liberty.  I even support pinheads like you, spouting off their skewed version of things.  There is hope for you, Jeff.  I hope that you will wake up as many others have, while there is still time.

Sister Patriot

About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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4 Responses to Jeff the Liberal is upset I called him a “Sheep”…

  1. Debra Macaluso says:

    Well said Sister Patriot!

  2. Nice, perfectly stated!

  3. rlafleur2014 says:

    I protest, for if we name the name of Christ, we must depart from iniquity, 2 Timothy 2:19.

  4. Andrea says:

    Beautifully written. Only thing I cannot agree with is that you say all Christians don’t agree with gay people. I’m Christian, and I think it’s none of my business if someone’s gay, it’s not my place to judge, it’s God’s.

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