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The Most “tolerant, anti-bullying” INTOLERANT bullies You Will Ever Meet

It’s been a busy past 10 days for us with friends coming for dinner, family coming into town to visit & planning for our son’s birthday parties — yes, two!! During one of our gatherings, I overheard the following conversation: … Continue reading

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Sick of the talk? What can we DO to save America?

As many of us are growing frustrated with the long laundry list of scandals by this administration and absolutely nobody doing anything about it, I think it’s interesting to note that WE just brought a huge corporation to it’s knees … Continue reading

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Preying on American Compassion for Political Gain

I know that many people feel compassion for the illegal children coming into our country from Mexico. That is the point. I believe this is an orchestrated “humanitarian” crisis that has been in the works for some time. If we … Continue reading

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Jeff the Liberal is upset I called him a “Sheep”…

A few days ago I posted a piece to the Sister Patriot FB page about liberals and their skewed, bizarre logic.  My post was prompted by an especially brutal week of lefties coming to the page to bash Conservative values … Continue reading

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