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When the Government’s Nose Is All Up In Our Business…

Please allow me a short rant.   Where I live, in the land of the ‘coexist’  bumper sticker, I am surrounded by leftist thinkers  so once in a while I must rant.  I have been very vocal about my great irritation with the plastic and PAPER … Continue reading

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Behold: the two absolutely worst arguments against homeschooling

Originally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:
Here’s the email I received last week. I was saving it for today, as I’ll be speaking at a homeschool conference tomorrow: *The subject line of this email was: “Not all public school…

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Obamacare: When the Government Tells Physicians How to Practice Medicine

Yesterday, Mr. Patriot had a brief conversation with a Liberal pinhead.  When the “Oblahblahcare” subject came up and Mr. Patriot voiced his displeasure, said pinhead screeched, “WHAAAAA-AT????  I think it’s GREEEEEAT!!!  I haven’t had ANY problems at ALLLL!!!”   I’ve been very … Continue reading

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Take Out the Trash in 2014

During the last Presidential election, the Right was too divided.  Running the Sister Patriot Facebook page, I  had different groups on the Right fighting with one another, instead of us all  uniting to fight the left & their propaganda.  It was … Continue reading

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