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An Open Letter to Chuck Todd

From   During NBC’s live State of the Union coverage Tuesday night, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd sneered at Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson being a Republican guest at the event: “…after the shooting with Gabby Giffords and for … Continue reading

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Now this pitiful Hillary Clinton participation ribbon mug is more like it! [Photoshop]

Sister Patriot made TWITCHY!!!!!!!

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Hillary in 2016? ARE YOU CRAZY???

After the hell most Americans have been through under the Obama regime, it seems absolutely unthinkable that anyone with any active brain tissue whatsoever would be in favor of Hillary in 2016.  I mean, you’d have to be completely off … Continue reading

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Obamacare in 2014…

Like so many of you, I have protested OVomitCare from the very beginning.  I dragged my feet, fought and clawed every step of the way.  I wrote about it on my FB page, signed petitions and did my best to make … Continue reading

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