An Open Letter to Bill Maher…


The always offensive left-winger, Bill Maher sunk to a new low the other night when he mocked WWII Veterans for knocking down the “Government shutdown placed” barricades closing off the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C.  I realize I have been avoiding this  story of the WWII Vets recently for my own personal reasons.  My late Dad was a WWII Vet.  Thinking about him, seeing pictures of these brave, elderly men who fought for our country, reminds me of him.  I miss him and it makes me sad, so I’ve been averting my gaze.  That was wrong.  Now hearing Maher bully these great men, I am angered.  I am incensed.  I am done avoiding this subject that pierces my heart.  I have something to say.  If you can stomach it, watch the below clip of Maher and then read my following open letter to him.‘nobody-said-they-were-brightest-generation’

Dear Mr Maher:
I have always found you to be thoroughly disgusting, but when you bully and pick on WWII Veterans, you sink to an all new low in my eyes. You are someone who loves to ridicule Conservatives, say horrible things about Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman and anyone else who doesn’t fall into lockstep with your leftist views.  You do this for cheap laughs from the ill-informed liberal crowd. You do it for notoriety and a paycheck. I find you repugnant not just because you look like you need a good scrubbing and a new hairstyle.  Not because you are foul-mouthed and uninformed.  I find you repugnant because you love to bully and pick on those weaker than you. Isn’t it your group that pushes loudly for “anti-bullying”? I find you people to be the biggest bullies of all! Wasn’t it you who made fun of Sarah Palin’s little boy? You know, a sweet, innocent child with Down’s Syndrome? Wow. And now you’re getting cheap laughs off the backs of elderly gentlemen who served in WWII. You see Mr. Maher, I take this very personally as my own Father was a highly decorated WWII Veteran. He enlisted immediately as he felt strongly about fighting for our country. He fought on the front lines in hand-to-hand combat.  He was shot, knifed, in a plane crash, went temporarily blind and bled from his ears after an explosion, held his best friend in his arms as he died. He saw horrible things happen and endured terror, heartbreak, despair, cold and hunger so that people like you had the freedom to say whatever you want to say. Don’t get me wrong…. I find you disgusting in every possible way and laughing at these brave men who have such love in their hearts for the USA is beyond reproach. But as hard as it is for me, I respect your right to say what you do. I can choose not to listen to any of it and I don’t. But these brave men, the men you are joking about and getting your hefty paychecks for mocking, these men fought for your sorry butt so that you can do exactly what you are doing. Ironic, huh? I wish you had a little bit of gratitude for these brave warriors who sacrificed so much. If they hadn’t, you very well could be delivering your dismal monologues in German, right before being imprisoned for speaking your mind. Grow up, Mr. Maher. Give respect where respect is due. You should apologize to these fine soldiers, those still living and those who are no longer with us. Like my Dad.

Sister Patriot ~~ Proud daughter of a WWII Veteran

About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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13 Responses to An Open Letter to Bill Maher…

  1. That is why I never watch this idiot. People like him are all about pushing their love for the liberals that they do not care who they hurt.

  2. Reblogged this on My views on America's issues and commented:
    Bill Maher is the most idiotic man in the world, oops second, Obama is the winner there.

  3. I am a Maher viewer, and don’t fall lockstep into his views or points; however, I do think it unfair to judge so extremely. You just personified the point Maher often makes – pointless conservative drivel based on emotion vice fact. You’re responding to a COMEDIAN/SATIRIST. Fact is, the government is shutdown and the monument, for the moment, is off-limits to all – period. Closing it was the call of the Republican-led House and championed by the GOP leadership. Legislators are not voting on an appropriation law – simple. Channel your outrage appropriately, please.

    • Eric: When one gleans his “news” from the likes of a COMEDIAN/SATIRIST, as most libs do (Maher, Stewart, etc.) you remain very uninformed. Like yourself. You see, this government shutdown is nothing more than a gigantic hissy fit from this administration. Americans overwhelmingly do not want Obamacare. Even the ones who thought they did & have now actually looked into signing up for it & see how expensive it is, how poor the coverage, how scary the penalties are, have changed their minds & do NOT want it now. We do still have some lawmakers who listen to the American people (not many, but a few good men). The Republicans have offered a number of alternatives to the Dems, only to be rejected continually. This regime wants it’s way or the highway. Ask yourself this. Why will B.O. negotiate with every enemy of the United States, but he refuses to negotiate with the desire of the American people & the Republicans? Do your research. Look up how many times the government has been shut down in the past. What exactly has been shut down during these times? Did those Presidents negotiate? Put down the remote control & look for your own answers, the answers you can’t find on a cut-rate, washed up comedian’s comedy show.

      Oh, and P.S. if you think that ridiculing our WWII Vets is funny, I’m not sure I can say anything to you that would help you see the light. ~~Sister Patriot

      • Greg says:

        Go Sister,Go!

      • Vickie says:

        Amen Sister, if I could put it into words as well as you did, that’s exactly what I was thinking!

      • Jane A Lindsay says:

        Thanks for your letter and even more so thanks for this great response to Eric ! My dad too was a Vet, a Marine who served in World war II and the Korean War. God Bless all of them and your Dad ….. My dad is no longer with me on this earth but I cherish my every memory!

    • Lets see, the House has sent 7 proposed budgets to the Senate, they voted on one, after playing a game with voting rules and refuse to consider the other 6. Obama and the House will not come to the table to discuss any options. The memorials of WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln are all open site with no fences or gates, they are free and open site 24/365. These site are all within the oversight of the National Parks Service, which is under the leadership (cough) of the Executive branch of the government, not the Congress or Judicial branch. The Executive branch has made the decision to close these sites, using money from where? There have been numerous Government shutdowns since the 70, not once has any President ever closed these monuments. Closing them costs money, which comes from where? As for Maher, he’s a total azzzzzz, a most disrespectful person. If a conservative comedian called women sluts or bitches, they would be crucified, but i guess being liberal, your standards are alot lower on what is funny and what is insulting or you just don’t know the difference.

    • David says:

      Monuments that have been open 24/7. 365 days a year. Why close them now? Maher gets everything wrong. Remember Ruby Ridge? A mother gets shot in the face while holding an infant. Preteen son gets a 30 magazine emptied in his back from a federal agent.. They were just people who wanted to live a peaceful life. Feds wanted the father to be an informant which he refused.( Your buddy Bill had a field day with that one and when the truth came out. He had no retraction.) It’s probably better that people like Bill not serve in the armed forces. He would either sell out his country or run like a coward. Either way he wouldn’t get far. The republicans didn’t shut down the monuments you asshole. How come Pelosi got permission for a rally for illegal immigrants. You know those people who don;t pay taxes. Are a drain on our public assistance and driving up the cost of healthcare at the national mall during this shutdown? Or did Bill not TELL you that? Your Socialist President authorized that little get together. So I think ole Bill missed the comedy mark on that one as well. And by all means Eric. Check the facts on what I posted here. Then tell me how great your hero’s are? You give the true meaning to the word Sheepeople .By the way Eric. Your wonderful president has spent more money on closing parks that have never been closed ( even during previous shut downs) and removing handles off of drinking fountains than he did protecting our ambassador. Obama is doing this because he he just got the message that he is not the emperor he was and is throwing a temper tantrum because his way or the highway isn’t cutting it . Or did Bill agree with Prez Barry and say. It was all a phony scandal. Here’s where Bill and your President miss the mark

      Freedom is a two-edged sword of which one edge is liberty and the other, responsibility.
      Both edges are exceedingly sharp and the weapon is not suited to casual, cowardly or
      treacherous hands.
      Since all tyrannies are based on dogma and since all dogmas are based on lies, it
      behooves us to look beyond them for truth, and freedom will both be far away. And yet
      the Truth is that we know nothing……JWP

      And the government will do it’s best to see that we know nothing. And people like you won’t bother to look for the truth because your too damn lazy.

  4. David says:

    My family has participated in every conflict this nation has ever had.. That is from the Revolution War to present day. And Yes I am a proud American and Veteran. And my son continues this tradition. So remember this( or do I have to find a crayon font so you can understand Eric) We fought, bleed and lost great service members. So people like you and Bill could sleep better at night. Just like those WWII vets did. I’m getting off my soap box. Going to eat lots of red meat and heading to the range.

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