TSA Searching Our Military…… Seriously?

TSA Searching Our Military...... Seriously?

A long-time Sister Patriot reader who happens to be a United States Army soldier, contacted me yesterday. It seems that he and his fellow soldiers were on their way home, traveling through San Antonio Intl Airport, in uniform. They had gone through the metal detector with no problem whatsoever, but were pulled out of line and told their bags were going to be searched. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Seriously???

“We all got searched. They only told us they were looking for sharp objects. That was it. No further explanation was given. There was four of us in my group. I’m not sure if any other military personnel was searched. I also found out from a few friends who have been in the military longer than I have…..they said its normal. We get stopped and searched. I had no idea.”

Of course the TSA found nothing in any of the soldier’s bags and they were permitted to board the plane. As an American citizen, I find this offensive. While I am all for airport security and making sure that passengers are kept safe, I don’t think much of the TSA and their tactics.  This is bordering on thuggery. What pure disrespect toward our Armed Forces. If nothing showed up in the metal detector and clearly this was a group of guys traveling home, what exactly is the suspicion based on?  Why the derogatory behavior toward our soldiers?

We’ve all heard the stories of people being nearly molested by the TSA in airports across the country. When I was pregnant with our oldest child, Mister Patriot and I were traveling through Chicago Intl Airport and I was pulled out of line and patted down. More recently, last summer my sister was traveling through Atlanta Intl Airport and was pulled out of line by some TSA thug. My sister, who is a very beautiful woman, has said she felt completely violated after this TSA experience. It makes me sick when I think of some goon ogling my sister. It’s abuse of power. But these are the stories of civilians. What about our military being harassed for no apparent reason?

Take a look at this young US Army Combat Medic soldier being patted down in Myrtle Beach, SC.  After violating this soldier, the TSA agent checks his own gloves for traces of explosives before letting the soldier go. Then as an added bonus, he thanks him for his service. Right.

Here is another heartbreaking story of a United States Marine who was humiliated by TSA agents while traveling through Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport. This active duty Marine lost both of his legs to an IED in the Middle East. Traveling in uniform, via wheelchair, this soldier was targeted and harassed by the TSA.

Now we read reports of the TSA searching vehicles that are valet parked at airports.

So what do you think? I think the entire agency needs to be overhauled and I certainly think respect should be shown not only to civilians, but definitely to our soldiers when they are simply trying to make their way home from active duty.  As for me, if I were in need of help and my choices were to call on a TSA agent or a soldier, I know who I’d choose and it wouldn’t be the TSA.  ~~Sister Patriot

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Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & SisterPatriot.com She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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1 Response to TSA Searching Our Military…… Seriously?

  1. Brittius says:

    Regrettably, I was turned down by TSA for the Director of Security job (Badge #1). They said that I would not fit in and wanted someone younger, despite my experience. This nonsense would never go down if I had that job. They are looking for war contraban on GIs like knives, guns, etc., that were always with GIs, but today it’s a much different world.
    Then again, what else can be expected from an agency that recruits on the back of a pizza box?

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