Obamacare vs. Mom

Obamacare vs. Mom

My Mother accidentally bumped into a side table today and had a heavy glass vase fall off and break. She got a very nasty cut just above her right kneecap. She was at my sister’s house at the time, so my sister rushed her over to the Urgent Care. After letting my Mom wait for over an hour as she bled heavily, my sister complained and they finally took her in. The very thick-accented Indian doctor finally appeared. She asked my Mom what happened and then proceeded to ask Mom if the table she’d bumped into was “infected”. Receiving only a blank stare from my Mom, the doctor again asked if the table was very dirty. When Mom told her it wasn’t dirty at all, the doctor then said that she didn’t need antibiotics. This is my first red flag. Whenever you have a wound that deep, antibiotics are given as a precaution. Hospitals and Urgent Cares are filthy places. Most people know that.

My sister was texting me to update me on how Mom was doing, when all of a sudden she heard my Mom “yelp”. She looked over to see that this “doctor” was stapling my Mom’s wound without giving her ANY anesthetic whatsoever. None! No warning about the staples and no anesthesia of any kind. My sister of course protested very angrily. (She’s a Sister Patriot, too.) “What is this? The effects of Obamacare already?” Nobody responded to her. Mom got five staples without anesthesia.

Last year when my 8 year old nephew cut his foot open, my sister took him to this same Urgent Care. They couldn’t have been nicer (different doctor). They gave him a numbing gel before suturing his wound. Today when my sister pressed this doctor about anesthetizing our Mom, she claimed, “It would take too long to numb the area.” Too long for what? Will it make you late to your dinner party this evening? Or interfere with your plans after work? You didn’t have a problem making my Mother wait in pain in the waiting room for over an hour, as her pant leg became soaked with blood and she soaked through the towel she was compressing her wound with.

Is this just shoddy care from a doctor who came from a place with a poor healthcare system anyway? Or is it truly the beginning glimpse of Obamacare? My Mom is 72 years old. Do they cut costs on people over the cut-off age of 70? Do they cut corners and save wherever they can? This experience today alarms me. I certainly fear for all of us with socialized medicine being rammed down our throats, but the beloved seniors in our families are the ones who are going to be hit hard. Unless you are extremely wealthy, how can you provide for your parent or grandparent who needs medical treatment, but is denied due to age? This makes me sick in the pit of my stomach. Today’s experience was upsetting. This person is my Mother! I expected this doctor to do everything in her power to give my Mom the very best medical care and make her comfortable. I don’t care that she is 72. I don’t give a damn if she was 125, I would still expect the best treatment for her. What really frightens me is the thought of something much more serious taking place. What if she were diagnosed with a terrible illness or disease and required intense treatment? What if some jerk, pushing a pencil denied my Mother treatment because of her age? Because it wasn’t “financially prudent”?? This nightmare scenario is what we are facing with the full implementation of Obamacare.

I have been pressing for signatures on Senator Ted Cruz’s petition to DEFUND Obamacare. If you haven’t already, please sign. It takes just a moment and it truly is our last chance to try and stop this train wreck. We must protect ourselves and our loved ones from this terrible fate. ~~Sister Patriot


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Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & SisterPatriot.com She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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  1. Kate says:

    And we can’t sue, either….

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