Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment: Are you ready for The Patriot Wave?

Overpasses For Obama's Impeachment: Are you ready for The Patriot Wave?

Are you ready to stand up America? Ready to tell Washington DC that We The People have had enough? Enough of the so-called “phony scandals”?? Tired of our government committing criminal act upon criminal act? Benghazi, IRS targeting, AP wiretaps, NSA spying, Extortion 17 and Executive Orders signed by the truckload without any regard to the Constitution? Now is your chance. On August 6, Tuesday. The Patriot Wave will wash across the United States of America. From sea to shining sea, as Americans stand on Overpasses calling for the Impeachment of Obama.

Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment is the brainchild of James Neighbors. I know James, as he has been one of my readers on Sister Patriot. He read a story in June about a group that stood on an overpass in Carlsbad, CA. They were calling for Obama’s Impeachment on one of the busiest freeways in the area, during rush hour. The act gained national media attention. James happened to read the story and became fascinated by the idea. Within a short time, Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment was born. James started with a Facebook page that many of his fellow Conservatives, Sister Patriot included, has helped to promote. It has rapidly grown to over 21,000+ on the main FB page. The individual state groups   have over 27,000 members thus far & growing.  He has gained major media attention in both  print and radio. Very simply it’s clear that Americans are frustrated and have had enough. We want our voices heard and we want Washington to take notice.

Many Conservatives are frustrated, but don’t know what to do. Some of us have become citizen journalists, started Conservative pages on social media sites and try to bring attention to various issues that are ignored in the mainstream media, sharing petitions and doing whatever we can to enlighten the sheeple that are still lost. Overpasses is a very important and powerful movement that many of us are thrilled to know about. Respectfully exercising our Constitutional right to Free Speech (while we still have it), we can stand on overpasses crossing the busiest freeways in our communities during rush hour traffic. Think of the people we can reach with our  signs calling for Impeachment!  This Patriotic act calls for many of us to step a bit outside of our comfort zone and beyond the safety of our computer chairs, but together we can do it.

I have had some questions from a few readers asking, “Why bother? Nobody will do anything anyway.” If any of you have followed me, you’ll know that doesn’t fly with Sister Patriot. If we all had that attitude, we’d already be living in a fully Communist country. What if all through history everyone had that answer & nobody every stood up for anything? We’d be much worse off now than we are. Sister Patriot is all about “Speaking up for what is RIGHT.”

Others have voiced concern over Impeaching Obama. “Wouldn’t Biden then become our President? Yikes!” This is James Neighbors answer to that query:
“Biden has felonies of his own that Holder is not prosecuting him for.. Namely, releasing top secret information (the names of Seal Team 6).. Both could be grounds for Treason, as well as 1st Degree Murder by way of Depraved Indifference. Both of which Obama and Clinton are guilty of as well in Benghazi.. Here’s the definition.

Depraved Indifference Law & Legal Definition

To constitute depraved indifference, the defendant’s conduct must be ‘so wanton, so deficient in a moral sense of concern, so lacking in regard for the life or lives of others, and so blameworthy as to warrant the same criminal liability as that which the law imposes upon a person who intentionally causes a crime. Depraved indifference focuses on the risk created by the defendant’s conduct, not the injuries actually resulting.”

My answer to the doubters out there is simply this: Can you imagine Tuesday morning, Americans on the east coast standing on overpasses during morning rush hour, with signs calling for Obama’s Impeachment. Tens of thousands of vehicles passing by, honking in agreement. As morning breaks across the country, heading to the west coast, more Americans flock to overpasses with their signs. Imagine the magnitude of such an event. The multitude of people who will witness this event and the media attention it will garner. Imagine the message this will send to the left, to Washington DC. Imagine the effect it will have on those running for re-election in 2014 and don’t want to lose their positions in Congress. Respectfully, in a law-abiding fashion, we can all stand up and make a HUGE statement to the world that we are UNITED in our love for America. We are standing up for the preservation of our great country.

Learn more about Overpasses, find your local group and get involved here:




The 8/6/13  Patriot Wave is dedicated to those killed  on 8/6/11 in the Extortion 17 mission in Afghanistan.

Tuesday August 6, 2013 at an overpass near you. Let’s make our voices heard, America! Remember, lots of small voices can make a big noise! Let’s roll. ~~Sister Patriot

About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & SisterPatriot.com She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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13 Responses to Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment: Are you ready for The Patriot Wave?

  1. jcarerra says:

    Previous one was truncated.

    Any idea how far one has to read before finding out the date…?????
    If you want to promote this, you might consider making it easy for people to find out the most important fact.

  2. Tracey Stano says:

    Brought tears of joy!!!

  3. George says:

    We did ours today in Holt, Florida. At the Wilkerson Bluff Rd Overpass. Please join us on Tuesday Aug. 6th at 8am.

  4. Mary K. Barrett says:

    We participated in the Texas state wide event yesterday, Aug. 3! We are the Madison/Leon County group here in Texas. We only had 8 people out there but we were seen by the travelers! We will be out there for the National event on Aug. 6. It was a small group but it’s a beginning and no doubt, it will grow!

  5. Elizabeth owens says:

    I 40 over passes on Oklahoma have large audiences and opportunity

  6. Thank you for the great write up Sister Patriot, To anyone near me, we will be at the 14 freeway and Mountain Springs Rd Overpass in Antelope Valley, CA. (Palmdale/Lancaster) Come join us!!!! We the People…………

  7. I recently traveled on I 81 from Pennsylvania through Virginia and saw a few overpasses with Patriots hanging “Impeach Obama” banners. I thought it was awesome, and much needed. When I returned home (Carlisle Pa) I was proud to see these on overpasses in my area. I hope it continues on a regular basis.

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