Dear Senator McCain…

McCain GrahamOn March 6, 2013 Senator Rand Paul stood on the Senate floor for nearly 13 hours, in a Filibuster over the coming confirmation vote of John Brennan for CIA Director.  Senator Paul wanted an answer from the Obama Administration.  He asked for clarification of the White House’s stance on drones killing Americans on American soil.  It was an act that won the admiration of Conservatives everywhere.  On March 7, 2013, Senator Paul was lambasted by Senator McCain and Senator Graham.  The following is an open letter to Senator John McCain…

Senator McCain:

While I greatly respect the sacrifices you made for our country, I must say that I am very disappointed in your comments directed toward Senator Rand Paul today.

“If Mr.Paul wants to be taken seriously, he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids.”  – Senator John McCain on Senator Rand Paul’s Filibuster

What Senator Paul did yesterday was gain the respect and admiration of Conservatives everywhere!  He stood up to tyranny, much like David stood up to Goliath. His remarks yesterday were the biggest blast of fresh air this stagnant political climate has seen in ages.  He restored the faith of so many of us who have been failed by our leaders and lawmakers repeatedly.  He, along with other Republican Senate supporters such as Ted Cruz, Mike Lee & Tim Scott, bolstered our resolve to stand up for freedom and speak up for what is right.  Our freedom that my own father, you yourself and so many others fought for, still has a chance and we absolutely must preserve it.

What Senator Paul did yesterday, sir, was no stunt.  It was an amazing act of courage and love of country that will go down in history.  It was taken very seriously by many, and I might add that if someone doesn’t get “fired up” real quick, our freedoms will be lost forever.


~Sister Patriot   (not a Libertarian college kid, but a 40-something wife, mother, business owner, daughter of a WWII veteran and a Conservative Republican.)

About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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2 Responses to Dear Senator McCain…

  1. Suppose McCain will be on the floor for 13 hours so someone can read THIS letter to him like Cruz did to Paul?

  2. I’m a Conservative Libertarian and I’m appreciative that grassroots Conservatives are standing up for the side of liberty with Senator Rand Paul.

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