Defeat or Renewed Resolve?

This has been a devastating week to millions of Americans.  Those of us that pay attention to what is going on in the world and in our government are shaken to the core.  Personally, I have been very depressed and afraid for what is to come.  As with any tragedy (and that’s really what this is) one goes through the stages of grief.  After the initial shock passes, the gravity of what has happened sets in and the crying starts.  Then fear takes over.  What have they done?  What is going to happen to us?  What is going to happen to my children’s future??  Then I started to admonish myself.  I didn’t do enough.  I didn’t talk to enough people.  I wasn’t emphatic enough.  I should’ve been going door to door talking to people.  (Of course in MY uber-Liberal area, I would’ve been mauled before I reached the end of the first block.)  Then the reports of rampant voter fraud started to come in.  Not a surprise there, but we still should’ve won.  Look at the pre-Election rally crowds.  Every rally Romney held, the venue was overflowing.   10,000 to 40,000+ people showing up.  They had to provide an overflow facility at each rally they held because the numbers of people showing up were astronomical.  Compare that with the  B.O. rallies, which drew anywhere from 200 to 1500 people in many places.  His final rally showed a venue with gaping holes of empty seats.  From that sight alone, I thought we had this one.  I spoke to several of my Sister Patriot readers on Facebook who had attended some of these rallies.  One lady in particular went to the Red Rocks rally in Colorado.  She told me about the energy in the crowd, the long lines, they had to park down in the town & hike miles up to the amphitheatre, but people did it.  Elderly people, young people, Americans who were so hopeful and excited about a Romney/Ryan ticket.  People who have lost everything they’ve worked their entire lives to build.  People hoping that this would finally be what so many of us have been praying for.  How do you compare those two scenarios and arrive with the result we got on Tuesday night?

Following the big B.O. win, another thing that has astounded me has been the full on, angry attacks from the largest group of “sore winners” I have ever seen in my life.  Apparently none of these folks have ever heard about winning with class.  In my personal life, I have been attacked by several “sore winners”.  On my Sister Patriot FB wall, of course the liberal trolls showed up in full force to gloat.  One woman asked who I would pray to now?  She gloated that there is no God and she ended by calling me a name that begins with F and ends with R.  Lovely.  Needless to say, these inferior people and their ignorant commentary is immediately deleted, as we have a “NO DONKEY” policy on my SP FB page.  BUT… the question remains.  Why the anger?  Go get in line for your “free healthcare”. Pick up an “Obamaphone” along the way.  Get into your little “energy efficient” car that seats one person and drive on down to the grocery store where you’ll soon need a home equity loan to purchase groceries.  Oh… what?  You lost your house?  Oh well.  Wait!  Food stamps!  Go get in the food stamp line.  This administration loves passing those out.  Swell. And hurry up because you don’t want to get back home too late and miss The Daily Show or Rachel MadCOW or  any of the other scholars who dish out your world news for you.  And by all means, let’s all co-exist together in harmony.  I can smell Patchouli in the air now.  Say “no” to bullying & let’s all live in unity and be tolerant of others.  Unless of course you’re a Christian or your a Republican.  Then, all bets are off.  I have never seen a larger group of hypocrites in my entire life.

So what do we do now?  The people who voted based on getting “free birth control” or “gay marriage” or the people who are so super excited to get more “free stuff” probably have no clue that we still have many unanswered questions about our Ambassador to Libya and three other brave Americans who were left to suffer and die in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.  These people begged for help and were denied.  As the situation unfolded in Benghazi and the W.H. watched it happening in real-time (via drone) and ignored their pleas for help.  Where are the answers for that? 

Do the “sore winners” have any idea who is going to pay for all the “free stuff”?  Do they have any clue the amount of Executive Orders that have been signed, altering their Constitutional rights?  Do they know what an Executive Order is?  Do they have any idea how devastating Obamacare is going to be to the American people?  The direct impact it will have on the already dire economy, the business sector, jobs, their loved ones and their own health?  Anyone ready to go get some DMV-style healthcare? 

Bottom line:  I am working through my grief and now I’m getting angry.  Angry that so many people are so unbelieveably ignorant in this country.  Sheeple led to slaughter with smiles on their clueless faces & Co-Exist bumperstickers on their Obamacars.  So again, what do we do?  I will not stop speaking out.  At the moment we still have the freedom to do so (in a sort of fractured state).  As long as I am afforded that freedom, I will keep respectfully speaking up.  But most of all, I will pray more fervently than ever.  Before the Election on Tuesday, I prayed.  But when I prayed, I asked that Gods’ Will be done.  That is something we must remember.  God has a plan.  He knows what the outcome will be.  He knows history before it’s made.  One day it will all make sense to us.  Until then, we have Faith.  We TRUST in God just as a baby trusts the loving arms of a parent.  It’s not easy, but we must.  Have Faith.  Trust.  And don’t be silenced by those that don’t want to hear you.  Let your light shine.  ~~Sister Patriot

Joshua 1:9   Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

About sisterpatriot

Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. You can read her daily on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe & She is also a contributing writer for The Trump Times. Sister Patriot is a permanent passenger on the Trump Train. #MAGA
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8 Responses to Defeat or Renewed Resolve?

  1. Patti Franklin says:

    I love your page and consider you a friend! I’m anxious for you to move to Texas!!

  2. What A Hoot says:

    Oh, More than Texas will suceed. Once we realize we (the producers) are not slaves and do not have to be slaves, we can begin to understand noncompliance ( for an introduction in rant-form) The winners are not our masters. The have replace Constitutional Rule of Law with Regime Law, which we do not have to comply with. It is self destructive to continue honoring their mandates and trying to change them through a court system we believe in and works but is no longer alive. Sort of an organized, “just say no” campaign.

    Also, as Christians we run the risk of being the biggest enablers to the takers. Look at how much missions, food kitchens, shelters, charitable dollars go to filling in the gap that is left from the government handouts? Years ago I was connected to a Church that actually asked for proof of being unemployed (as in had a job at one time) before they would assist, even with food. I had problems with this. Like, how can you not feed the hungry and clothe the poor. They turned away hungry people, habitual generational poor and I did not understand. I saw them as cold-hearted and materialistic when they answered my challenge with, “They are not poor; they are rich is lasyness, rich in selfishness that they would have you work for them to eat. When is the last time any of them showed gratitude? When do they show any intent to be a part of the community at large, not just here at the handout church but the neighborhood? No work and that work doesn’t have to be for us or for wages but no work as in no contribution, well, no food.

    I always thought this cold; maybe I am beginning to understand. Perhaps they were far more commpassionate than I. Perhaps they wanted more for them. They were always kind to the habituals, let them shower at the church, offered them opportunities to do for others, hugged them and kept in contact with them. But not food, no bill pay assistance, no clothes, no cars, no bus money. They were told to live within their government paycheck means and if they wanted more, go get work.

    Oops, a bit long of a ramble…….got to doing some thinking aloud…….still formulating thoughts….

  3. Bill says:

    Just stumbled across your page.I’ve been struggling with the news myself, Your last blog post helped me see this was all in God’s plan I think it was your comments “God has a plan. He knows what the outcome will be. He knows history before it’s made. One day it will all make sense to us. Until then, we have Faith. We TRUST in God just as a baby trusts the loving arms of a parent. It’s not easy, but we must. Have Faith. Trust. And don’t be silenced by those that don’t want to hear you. Let your light shine.” Thanks for helping a fellow struggling Patriot, I fought for her once, I’ll fight for her again…..

  4. LD Jackson says:

    The Bible teaches us that God’s ways are higher than our ways. I can’t say I understand why Obama was reelected and I certainly don’t like it, not even a little. However, I am trying to come to terms with it and keep on fighting against the evil I see invading our country.

    Keep on keeping on.

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